007 Warning, contains spoilers!

If you have not seen the latest installment of the 007 agent saga, I recommend that you stop reading here because I am afraid I will reveal the most important details of its argument, which in fact determine the future of the franchise.

If you have already seen it or if what the most elegant spy in literature and cinema does or does not do is very weak, proceed without fear. They are warned, chipote with blood …

The movie is a jewel of the genre, a technical prodigy at every level. Scripturally it is full of the usual clichés, not only those that constitute the franchise’s signature, but also others that feel so worn at times as parody and cause involuntary laughter, although this does not detract from any enjoyment.

“No Time To Die” is the name of the twenty-fifth canon film in this saga. The names of Bond movies have always made me very poetic, they seem to me like a piece of existentialist philosophy scrawled on a napkin: “Live and Let Die”, “Diamonds Are Eternal”, “The World Is Not Enough”. If I was commissioned a title for a Bond film, I think it would be “007. It’s Never Too Late for Lunch. ”

In the adventure that concerns us today, Daniel Craig must recover a very powerful bio-nanobotic weapon that the bad guys stole from the good guys and then other even more bad guys took over.

In this movie, Bond just needs to get into trouble with Alfredo Adame to affirm without reservation that he has already faced everything.

And when I say “everything” I really mean everything, because the new big challenge (first spoiler alert!) For Agent Double Zero is parenthood. That’s right, re-espionage fanatics, just like Diosito in the New Testament, MI6’s best element also softens once it meets its offspring.

The second major spoiler would be that Specter, a PRI-type criminal organization that British Intelligence has fought for decades, was completely exterminated at the hands of an emerging evil force commanded by a spiteful, vengeful and half-humorous speaking supreme leader (also , as happened to the PRI).

Although it was precisely the Bond saga that taught us never to say never, this will be the last time we see Craig ordering his martini shaken, not stirred, and driving those cars that cost the GDP of a small country because, I regret to inform you but -now hold on! – in the end the Bond dies, all of him, complete, RIP, calaca, goodbye, crossed eyes, ALV.

Of course, at the end of the last, last, last credit and gratitude, and when most of the spectators are at home brushing their teeth, the legend “James Bond will return” appears. And it is obvious that the character will return, but this will require a reboot or restart, because we have already seen Craig’s Bond fry himself and leave his baby that he just met orphan. Ian Fleeming catch us confessed. Let’s see what news the studies have in store for us.

A shame because I wish I had one more movie with Craig, who really refreshed the saga and is no older than Connery was when he returned for “Never Say Never Again.”

One more Bond movie was missing: “007. Los Papeles Hablan ”, in which the agent did everything to recover financial documents from a tax haven, such as those that have become known in recent years.

As we know, the latest leak of financial documents, the Pandora Papers, left various personalities from politics, sports, entertainment and even royalty very badly, since operations in these paradises, although they may be due to security reasons , it is much more frequent that they are carried out with the intention of evading taxes in the respective countries of the “investors”.

The documents implicate celebrities, yes, but also heads of state and top-notch businessmen.

Mexico, a country where corruption ended just over two years ago, could not be excluded and various political actors are singled out in this select club of offshore investments. Outstanding Coahuilans such as former Governor Enrique Martínez y Martínez or Senator Armando Guadiana, are our main local references in the Pandora Papers and join names of the stature of former British Minister Tony Blair, singer Shakira, the King of Jordan, Elton John, Ringo Starr.

Each case is different, and it should be analyzed individually, but I already told you, as a general rule it is about hiding undeclared wealth, evading taxes and even laundering money.

Although unfortunately all this matter does not arouse the least interest of the Federal Government to investigate the Mexicans who were presumably laundering capital in these paradises and less when some of the “involved in this paperwork” are people loyal to the Fourth Transformation.

President López Obrador limited himself to asking a few disoriented questions in the morning “How much? Anonymous? What unique? ” and to release their customary “must see …”. But I repeat, no real interest in investigating corruption, which is clearly a very important focus of it.

So even if James Bond himself personally gave us the Pandora Papers or any other criminal evidence, with a president like López, the most likely thing is that we would have the most boring movie in the world, one without punishment for crime or consequences of any kind and it would be called “The Papers Are Not Enough”.

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