10 hit comedy movies this week on Netflix

In difficult times, especially in which we are currently faced, experiencing a pandemic, laughing and having fun in front of the small screen has become one of the best options. A good comedy movie distracts and brightens our day.

In comedy we have humor approached in different ways, often bringing more serious themes, such as involving violence, disease and death. On the other hand, we also have romantic comedies, which have the development of a relationship with a happy ending. Furthermore, satires on various subjects can also be presented in different ways.

Now, to subscribers of Netflix, I bring here 10 tips for films of live comedy streaming this week that promise to make you laugh! Enjoy and check it out 🙂

10 hit comedy movies this week on Netflix

1. The Good Side of Life > watch here

2. Police in Trouble 2 > watch here

3. Night Shadows > watch here

4. The Big Bet > watch here

5. Julio Sumiu > watch here

6. What is your number? > watch here

7. A Mr. Intern > watch here

8. Marley & Me > watch here

9. O Amor Doesn’t Take Vacations > watch here

10. The Incredible History of the Isle of Roses > watch it here

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