10 most watched movies of the week (03/18/2023)

10 most watched movies of the week (03/18/2023)

The list of Oscar winners brought some interesting changes to this week’s ranking of most watched films. In addition to the return of Nothing New on the Front the race, what called the most attention was at the top of the list: for months as the title most watched by viewers, Everything Everywhere at the Same Time opened space for another feature, just as picturesque, which passed by.

But it wasn’t just in the heads of the Top 10 that we had changes, no. Proving that theatrical releases have increasingly dictated what moviegoers seek out and watch online, this week’s list marks the return of one of the most beloved horror franchises now that yet another sequel has hit the big screen. And speaking of sequels, Netflix has released a film that is, at the same time, sequel and ending to a highly rated series.

In the rest of the ranking of most watched films than the Canaltech does every weekend in partnership with Justwatch, what we see is the usual ups and downs, with some titles taking a real tumble, while others follow an interesting climb and that shows the public’s preference very well.

Were you curious? Then see below the complete list of the 10 most watched films of this week.

10. Nothing New on the Front

After a week’s absence, Nothing New on the Front returns to the ranking as the tenth most watched film of the week after winning the Oscar for Best International Film.

And it’s no wonder: the film repeats the success of the 1930 adaptation by telling the story of World War I from a different side of the confrontation. Here we have not only the view of the Germans in the confrontation, but also of all the dirt and nightmare those men had to face as the sky fell on their heads.

Nothing New on the Front is available at Netflix.

9. Luther: Nightfall

One of the most anticipated movies of March on Netflix, Luther: Nightfall has the ungrateful mission of concluding the story of an excellent series that, unfortunately, did not have the audience it deserved and therefore ended up being cancelled. Even so, loyal fans managed to convince the streaming platform to end it in a dignified manner. And the result is there: the film is the ninth most watched of the week.

For those unfamiliar with the production, it stars Idris Elba, who plays a brilliant detective, but who has long since passed his prime. Now, he finds himself in a difficult situation, having to escape the chair to complete his last job: hunting a serial killer.

Luther: Nightfall is available exclusively on Netflix.

8. O Menu

After more than a month on the podium, O Menu dropped in the rankings and is the eighth most watched film of the week. Even so, it is very curious how this title attracted people to Star+. One of the factors, without a doubt, is the stellar cast led by Ralph Fiennes and the excellent Anya Taylor-Joy.

But it’s the plot of O Menu that really captivates. Here, a young couple travels to a paradise island to live a unique gastronomic experience in one of the most famous and exclusive restaurants in the world. The problem is that it doesn’t take long for them to realize all the strangeness of the place and its employees and that the trip will be much more difficult than they imagined.

O Menu is available in the catalog of Star+.

7. Puss in Boots 2: Last Order

Box office success and two weeks ago in the ranking, Puss in Boots 2 returns as the seventh most watched film in recent days. And that’s interesting, because Shrek’s first cat animated feature was a disaster.

In this continuation, everything is very different: the animation has much more quality and bets on a very humorous story, which portrays the desperate cat to recover its nine lives now that it only has one left.

Puss in Boots 2: The Last Order is an adventure to watch with the whole family and can be rented at Apple TV, Play Store e Amazonin addition to being in the catalog of Sure TV+.

6. After sun

After sun went through theaters in Brazil, but it was enough to debut on streaming to find its audience and be among the most watched for more than two months.

And a lot of that has to do with the plot that talks about fatherhood and how memories shape our lives. And this is explored by telling the story of Sofia, a woman who keeps memories of vacations she spent 20 years ago with her father, but who is now reluctant to meet the man she thought knew so well who she was.

Deep and enchanting, After sun is available in the catalog of THE BAD.

5. Top Gun: Maverick

In the ranking of the most watched films of the week since it arrived on digital platforms in August, Top Gun: Maverick remains firm and strong and is the fifth most watched this week.

Unquestionably one of the best films of 2022, Top Gun: Maverick rescues the franchise and its characters in a masterful way. With a healthy dose of nostalgia, the film manages to continue the story of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the Air Force more than 30 years later. And this merging of the old with the new is done in a spectacular way.

Top Gun: Maverick is available to subscribers of Paramount+ e Telecinebut can also be bought or rented at Microsoft Store, Apple TV, Play Store e Amazon.

4. Panic 5

the premiere of Scream 6 in theaters made many people revisit Scream 5 to remember the story and prepare for another sequel. Proof of this is that the title is the fourth most watched film this week.

But more than going over the events that led to yet another desperate escape from the Ghostface threat, Scream 5 carries with it the merit of having applied very well all the elements that made the franchise a reference when it comes to slasher films. Relentless killer, young people in danger, cruel and bloody deaths, criticism of the genre itself… It’s all there, the way the master Wes Craven created and executed so well.

Scream 5 is in the catalog of Globoplay e Sure TV+but can also be rented or purchased from Apple TV, Microsoft Store, Play Store e Amazon.

3. The Fabelmans

After debuting in sixth place, The Fabelmans climbed in the ranking and opens the podium as the third most watched film of the week. That means more people are interested in this semi-autobiography by one of Hollywood’s most influential and important filmmakers — Steven Spielberg.

“Semi” because The Fabelmans it does not deal directly with the figure of Spielberg, but with the events that led him to follow this path in his life, portraying passions, disappointments and discoveries in an incredible fable about the director and ourselves.

The Fabelmans can be seen in Sure TV+in addition to being able to be rented at Apple TV, Play Store e Amazon.

2. Everything Everywhere at the Same Time

After months in a row as the most watched film of the week, the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture Everything Everywhere at the Same Time dropped one position precisely in the week after the awards.

Despite the small stumble, it is surprising how the film continues to attract public attention. And a lot of that is due to the fun way he works with the idea of ​​the multiverse: with an ordinary woman, without any special power, as the one responsible for saving multiple universes.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time presents a very enjoyable adventure to watch and can be seen on Prime Video e Sure TV+as well as being available for purchase and rent at Play Store e Apple TV.

1. Triangle of Sadness

Proving that their strong debut last week was no fluke, Triangle of Sadness did what seemed impossible: debunk Everything Everywhere at the Same Time to be the most watched movie of the week.

And much of this is related not only to the film’s bizarre title, but also to a tragedy in the cast and its picturesque plot that criticizes society: a luxury cruise ship ends up sinking and leaves the survivors stranded on a deserted island, where the hierarchy and the powers end up reversing. In this place, the rich are held hostage by a cleaning lady, the only person who knows how to fish and make a fire.

Triangle of Sadness can be seen in Prime Video e Sure TV+but is also available for purchase and rent at Play Store, Amazon e Apple TV.

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