10 new series to watch on NETFLIX

There are so many series available in the Netflix catalog and many of them are the most successful among streaming users, as is the case of Grey’s Anatomy, La Casa de Papel, Vis a Vis and Stranger Things. Now if you are one of those who also likes to follow the series that have just arrived in streaming, you need to check which are the 10 new series in the Netflix catalog.

Many series arrive in the catalog and conquer the public throughout their episodes, as is the case of Maid, which brings a case based on real facts. See what 10 new series were added to the catalog in 2021.

10 new series to watch on NETFLIX

1. Prophecy of Hell

“Hell’s Prophecy” is a Korean production with supernatural horror. After brutal condemnations, supernatural creatures start sending people to hell, they arrive doing a ritual that turns the human body into dust, then there is a religious sect that with the precept of divine justice.

> Hell’s Prophecy

2. Cowboy Bebop

The action-adventure sci-fi series sees the stylish, penniless bounty hunters Spike, Jet and Faye roam the solar system while looking for work. But is it possible to escape Spike’s past?

> Cowboy Bebop

3. Maid

Maid presents Alex’s difficulty when leaving home with her young daughter, without family support, needs to find a job to pay the bills and support their daughter, while facing Maddy’s father.

> Maid

4. Assassination of the Prime Minister

The detective series features a man who claims to have witnessed the murder of Olof Palme, Sweden’s prime minister, but he may be more involved in the crime than one realizes.

> Assassination of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister's Assassination

Prime Minister’s Assassination

5. Glory

The spy drama series “Glória” takes place in the small town of Glória do Ribatejo, in 1968, during the Cold War in Portugal. A privileged Radio Free Europe engineer spreads anti-communist content in Soviet countries.

> Glory



6. The Club

The Club is a Turkish series, in which a woman with a troubled past, in Istanbul in the 50s, after getting out of prison, goes to work in a nightclub to help her daughter she couldn’t raise.

> The Club

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7. The Time I Give You

After years together, Lina and Nico end their relationship. Lina goes on with her life and does everything to move on and think about him less and less. With each episode Lina manages to focus less on the past and more on the future.

> The Time I Give You

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8. Reflected

The Korean series receives new episodes every Friday. The story revolves around a successful painter, with an enviable life, who is faced with the past when a bright young woman reappears in her life.

> Reflected



9. The Purest Truth

In this suspenseful crime series, a famous comedian, after a disastrous night with his brother, sees his life turned upside down, and now he is in danger of losing everything he’s achieved.

> The Purest Truth

The honest truth

The honest truth

10. Underground of Crime

The skillful thief Mehdi and his gang, to protect the family of a powerful drug lord, end up embroiled in a violent dispute over territory.

> Crime Underground

Crime Underground

Crime Underground

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