13-year-old boy discovers asteroid and NASA certifies it

Mexico City.- A 13-year-old boy named Miguel Rojas discovered a new asteroid in the solar system while analyzing space images.

Miguel’s find, originally from Venezuela and who began to be interested in space since he was 5 years old, was recognized by the Pan-Starrs Observatory of the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Hawaii and Hardin Simons University.

It was through the International Astronomical Search Campaign (IASC), which NASA accompanies, that you loved universities recognized Miguel’s finding.

With great emotion, I share with you the recognition that NASA has given me, my preliminary discovery is now provisional, that is, NASA has already certified that I have discovered an asteroid ”wrote the boy on Instagram.

Miguel discovered the new asteroid, which is located between Mars and Jupiter, in April 2021. Thanks to the program Orbit C1 130 invited him to participate as an explorer, he was able to make the discovery.

To receive recognition from NASA, he had to wait 8 months, since his study had to go through different phases to be certified. At the moment, the new asterioride is called 2021GG40, however, when they discover all its characteristics, Miguel will be able to choose the name.

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