13-year-old girl had a crisis and stabbed her 5-year-old brother to death

The horrific event happened on Monday around 7:00 p.m. on María Garraham Street at 1300 in the town of Arroyo Seco, south of Santa Fe.

According to the first evaluation carried out by professionals from the Justice health teams, the teenager would have suffered a “compulsive crisis” and attacked her brother at a time when they were left alone in the house where they lived with their parents, the sources said.

For this reason, it was ordered that she be treated for an “underlying mental disorder in the psychic structure in a public health center in Rosario,” the Rosario justice in charge of the investigation told Télam this morning in a statement.

The victim was found by her mother already dead when she returned from running some errands and it was she who called the police, the informants added.

The death was verified by doctors from the Public Emergency Service (SIES), who arrived at the scene.

For their part, the forensic experts from the Criminal Investigation Agency (ACI) who worked at the scene of the incident established that the child had 11 stab wounds to the back and one to the neck area.

At the scene, the investigators seized a knife, cell phones and the clothing of both brothers.

The case is investigated by the Juvenile Court 2, in charge of Judge Miguel Surraco, who ordered that the adolescent be treated by the interdisciplinary teams of professionals from the Provincial Directorate of Mental Health and the Directorate for the Promotion of Children’s Rights, Adolescence and Family, was officially reported.

The mayor of Arroyo Seco, Nisar Esper, confirming the fact, assured that the community was “dismayed” with what happened.

“Here we all know each other and this is terrible,” considered the communal chief of that town of some 30,000 inhabitants.

He also confirmed that the victim’s father is an employee of that department and that he was not at the time of the episode because he was working.

Speaking to Radio2-Rosario, Esper excused himself from not being able to give details because “the investigation is under summary secrecy.”

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