"131 death threats" : Fabien Lecoeuvre claims to be in danger after the Hoshi affair (VIDEO)

Protagonist of a case that caused a scandal a few months ago, Fabien Leceuvre explained his controversial remarks and said that he had received many death threats as a result.

It is a case which caused controversy in the musical world a few months ago. Last April, Fabien Lecoeuvre had violently attacked the physique of the young singer Hoshi, declaring: “When you look at Hoshi who has an incredible, indisputable talent… Finally, you put a poster of Hoshi in your room, do you? But she is scary. When I say that, I have nothing against this girl who is awesome and who has talent. She’s great but she gives her songs to gorgeous girls. ” Words that shocked not only the person concerned but also a large number of personalities in the field. After an apology quickly sketched out by the columnist and some twists and turns, Fabien Leceuvre never spoke on the case.

Fabien Leceuvre regrets the lack of dialogue

This October 14, Fabien Leceuvre began by expressing his regrets to Jordan De Luxe, in The Luxury Moment on Star Play TV. “I didn’t say she was scary, I said her universe. She’s scary by the universe. Sincerely, really… I regret it already. But I didn’t mean that. It was a universe. that I characterized, a whole system, another system. I regretted it bitterly. You can say bullshit in life. It happens, it’s like that, we slip. The error is human. When we do four or five interviews during the day … (…) I didn’t mean to hurt him. Apparently she had already had this pain in her childhood, which I was totally unaware of of course, so it hurt me.” But the columnist also expressed his regrets about the consequences of his statements: “What I regret is the lack of dialogue, sincerely. What is missing in this file is that. She would have phoned me, we would have had a coffee, a tea, we would have seen each other, we would have talked about it on the phone … “

“131 death threats”

If Fabien Leceuvre claims to have received despite everything “a lot of support”, among the artists, there are many who have given themselves to their hearts content to defend the singer. But, on the other side of the coin, it is not only from personalities that Fabien Leceuvre has received criticism, even more … “I received 990,000 messages on social networks. From 400,000, the police will contact you because they think there is something wrong with your account. I was told what to do, I made a deposit, I made the findings. I took 131 death threats. The people wanted to slit my throat, open my stomach, cut off my head. I have always been in favor of the abolition of the death penalty, but I can tell you that the death penalty still exists on social networks today. It is violent. “ He admits to having felt “anguished for his relatives”: “We are not safe from someone who suddenly wants to avenge his idol …”

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