14-year-old raped five-year-old

Twelve months conditional imprisonment plus a fine of 1,200 euros for today’s 16-year-old teenager.

Today the young man is 16 years old, is doing an apprenticeship and lives in Oberland. So far, he was blameless, but now the public prosecutor’s office accuses him of serious sexual offenses. In June last year he raped and sexually abused a five-year-old girl. The boy has so far pleaded not guilty to these offences.

some witnesses

The boy’s parents object to the fact that the hearing is public and that their son is photographed. And in fact, the protection of minors is very pronounced in the case of young offenders. Thus, the public is excluded. Only the judgment must be public. However, if the public is unjustly excluded, a judgment is void and overturned. Finally, after several hours of evidentiary proceedings, the verdict of the jury panel is issued. This reads: guilty, sentence twelve months on probation, 1200 euros unconditional fine and 3000 euros partial compensation for the victim. The judgment is not final.


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