17 Colo Colo players will stay in La Plata for this Saturday’s friendly against Estudiantes


The footballers will not return to the Pilar Hilton Hotel and will spend the night in the city where the Summer Hexagonal takes place. All this with a view to the friendly that the albos will have on Saturday morning against Pincha.

A large part of the squad will stay in La Plata for Saturday's friendly against Estudiantes
© Colo ColoA large part of the squad will stay in La Plata for Saturday’s friendly against Estudiantes

Colo Colo continues to work on his demanding pre-season in Argentina and days ago he defeated Fénix in his first rehearsal of the season with a global score of 4-0, with goals scored by Óscar Opazo, Christian Santos, Iván Morales and Alexander Oroz.

And this Friday, those led by Gustavo Quinteros will see action again and will face Universidad de Chile at the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi stadium, in what will be the start of the Summer Hexagonal.

However, that is not all, since this Saturday morning the Cacique has scheduled a friendly behind closed doors against Estudiantes de La Plata in the same venue where the tournament is played.

For this commitment, it is expected that those players who do not jump onto the field in the Superclásico against U are expected to add minutes, which comes as a glove for the entire squad to add football.

And according to Daniel Arrieta, a journalist from TNT Sports, there will be 17 footballers who will say present before Pincha, Who they will stay tonight in a hotel in La Plata and they will not be returned to the Pilar Hilton Hotel where they are concentrated.

It should be noted that Popular will face the U starting at 9:00 p.m. this Friday and 12 hours later they will face Estudiantes de La Plata in a duel behind closed doors.

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