17 years old: British police arrest suspected GTA 6 hacker

A few days after the GTA 6 hack – one of the biggest leaks in computer game history – the police in the UK arrested a seventeen-year-old. But he should not only be responsible for the intrusion at Rockstar Games.

The leak on Sunday, followed by the arrest on Friday

Briefly on the process so far: Last Sunday, an unknown person published a wealth of material from the secret GTA 6 development in the GTA Forum. The likely route of attack: Poorly secured Slack accounts.

During the week, Uber announced that there was probably a connection to previous attacks and that they were also working with the FBI on the Rockstar case. Given the explosive nature of the case, it was to be expected that the authorities and companies involved would try everything to quickly arrest the hacker.

Based on these efforts, the handcuffs clicked in Oxfordshire, UK on Thursday 22 September.

According to tech journalist Matthew Keys on Twitter, the investigation that led to the arrest involved the City of London Police, Britain’s National Cyber ​​Crime Unit and the FBI. As the London Police at the request of Engadget announces that they “do not want to provide any further information at this point in time”. According to Keys, however, it is to be expected that the prosecutors will soon take a more precise position in a public statement, and a statement may also be expected from the FBI.

Place of Arrest goes well with the rest

The place of arrest also fits well with the information known so far. Most recently, in its statement, Uber blamed the hacker group Lapsus$ for the attacks on its own company and also linked them to attacks on other corporations such as Rockstar. Leading members of the group are believed to live in Oxfordshire, according to the BBC report in March.

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