1899 (Netflix): we explain the end of this stunning series

1899 is the new addictive series of the moment! After Dahmer, The Watcher and Insideman, we can say that psychological thrillers are definitely on the rise. The fiction conceived by the creators of Dark was released on November 17. Unsurprisingly, it is already in the top favorite content of the moment by subscribers to the streaming platform. Before watching the eight episodes available, we think we are dealing with a sinking story that disappears with just 1400 passengers on board. Naturally, when we viewed 1899 in its entirety, we understand that this is a whole different story. The series answers many questions throughout the eight episodes, but during the finale, we ask ourselves a whole bunch of others. If the conclusion seems fuzzy to you, which is entirely understandable, here’s what to understand.

What is the story of 1899?

You have certainly understood this during the last episodes of 1899 : the passengers have never “really” found themselves in a ship since they are in reality in a simulation created by Maura. She and her husband Daniel created this fictional architecture to spend time with their deceased son nicknamed Elliot. The latter was suffering from an incurable disease, which is why the scientist Maura had transferred her consciousness into a simulation. In the meantime, without anyone explaining why, Henry, Maura’s father, had control of the program. Passionate about analyzing the human brain, he took control of simulation. Maura, who had decided to lose her memory, had hidden in her project the way to put an end to it all. When she and Daniel found the solution for Maura to wake up, she realized that her brother Cirian was now in charge.

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Are Maura and the others thrown into a new simulation at the end of 1899 ?

When she woke up, Maura found she was in a spaceship called the Prometheus (the name given to the first ship that disappeared in the simulation). She discovers that all the other passengers are also present, immersed in the simulation which begins again in a loop every eight days as long as no one has found the secret code to put an end to it. On the onboard screen, Maura receives a message from Cirian. He wishes her “welcome to reality”, while the date 2099 is displayed. We have therefore gone from the year 1899 to 2099, which therefore suggests that Maura is part of a project to save Humanity. It remains to be seen whether Maura is really in reality and not in a new simulation orchestrated by her brother. The phrase “Let your coffee kick in before reality”, allows us to doubt. And for good reason, it was listed on the books of the boat appearing in the simulation.

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We can therefore assume that this is a clue that Cirian still plays with his subjects. It refers to the active ingredients in coffee that are supposed to help wake its consumers from their sleep. The purpose of the simulation isn’t entirely clear, but we believe the eight-day Kerberos/Prometheus cycle was an experiment to solve some existential problem, perhaps one that threatens humanity. Are they, for example, trying to “fix” fatal flaws in human conscience that lead to conflict and self-destruction? With all the questions we ask ourselves, a season 2 is essential!

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