1899: the new Netflix series accused of gross plagiarism

Recently released on Netflix, the new 1899 series is singled out for its strong similarities with an existing comic book.

The creators of the Dark series, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, are back with their new Netflix program, 1899. A show that would have cheerfully taken over several scenes without crediting the original author.

1899: a truly original Netflix series or a pale copy?

Series 1899 would surely have done without this spotlight. Mary Cagnin, Brazilian artist, accuses the creators of having plagiarized without restraint the comic-book Black Silence. A comic she worked on. In a thread on her Twitter account, the illustrator explains that the series would be looting with a comparison between the scenes from the Netflix show and the comics. Beware of spoilers!!!

In particular, in both works, we can see a similar black pyramid but also characters with a triangle in their eyes. ” How is it possible “ asks the main interested? In 2017, the designer was invited to the Gothenburg Book Fair where she was able to talk at length and share Black Silence with publishers and people in the field, but also produced an English version of the comic-book.

According to her, the Gothenburg Book Fair is renowned enough that Netflix and/or the creators of 1899 had knowledge of comics to build the series. Faced with all this, the artist thinks about what to do next but asks Internet users to send him all the similarities.

One of the creators disagrees

Baran bo Odar, co-creator and director of 1899refutes this accusation of plagiarism and hopes that the illustrator will reconsider his remarks.

As I already mentioned in a previous post: we don’t know this artist, nor her work on this comic. We would never steal from another artist, being artists ourselves. We contacted her hoping that she withdraws her accusations. The internet has become a strange place. More love and less hate please.

Baran bo Odar, co-creator and director of 1899 (via CineSerie).

Who will be right?

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