24 streaming tips for the Advent season

Christmas is in a few weeks: A selection of mostly new films or series on the streaming services. What’s worth streaming to get in the mood – from 1 to 24.

Every year again: In the dark season, many want to snuggle up and have their souls caressed with heart-warming films. The streaming providers provide plenty of material and supplies. An advent calendar with new Christmas or fairytale productions from this year on the major streaming services – and also a few older, really good Christmas films. 24 (mainly new) tips for the Advent season 2022:

24 days – 24 Christmas tips

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Chord Overstreet as Jake Russell and Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont in a scene from the movie ‘Falling for Christmas’ (undated movie scene). The film has been available on Netflix since November 10, 2022 and belongs to the popular genre of “Christmas Romcoms”, the romantic Christmas films. (to dpa “A streaming advent calendar 2022: 24 days, 24 tips”)

01: NEW 2022: According to its own statements, RTL+ is bringing “the first German-language Advent calendar series ever”. “From December 1st to 24th, streamers can open a “door” every day on RTL+”. The consequences with Paula Kalenberg last 8 to 12 minutes. The Christmas Eve episode then has about 30 minutes. The series was created based on a concept by head author Richard Kropf (“Kleo”, “4 Blocks”).

02: NEW 2022: Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a classic Christmas tale and a cathartic ghost story. Netflix has the new animated film “Scrooge: A Christmas Musical” in program.

03: NEW 2022: Speaking of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” Apple TV+ has the comedy remake, Spirited, starring Will Ferrell as the Christmas spirit and Ryan Reynolds as the prosecutor-to-be-converted (since November 18).

04: NEW 2022: For Christmas 2022, Marvel is giving all fans a special gift. In “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” (on Disney+ since November 25), the Guardians are looking for a suitable Christmas present for their leader Peter Quill.

05: NEW 2022: Romantic Christmas films (Christmas Romcoms) with love, snowfall and kitsch are popular. In 2022, Lindsay Lohan can be seen in “Falling for Christmas” (since November 10). The daughter of a millionaire and hotel heiress Sierra Belmont, she falls in love with the operator of a small mountain hostel, the widower Jake (Chord Overstreet), after a skiing accident with amnesia.

“Klaus”, “Christmas with you” and classics

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Karl (Max Hubacher) and Maeve Metelka as Miriam in a scene from the film “Sachertorte” (undated film scene). The romantic comedy is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. (to dpa “A streaming advent calendar 2022: 24 days, 24 tips”)

06: Today is St. Nicholas – and that fits “Klaus”. The Spanish Netflix animation film is a jewel among the Christmas films. It’s about the postman Jesper, who is sent to resentful discord north of the Arctic Circle where he meets the melancholic toymaker Klaus. Enchanting.

07: NEW 2022: In the Netflix Christmas Movie”Christmas With You” (since November 17) starring Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Deja Monique Cruz, a pop singer stumbles upon young Cristina on social media in search of Christmas hit material and visits her fan.

08: NEW 2022: In the new Netflix film “The Noel Diary” (since November 24), author Jake (Justin Hartley) has to sort out his estranged mother’s estate at Christmas and meets Rachel (Barrett Doss). A diary leads the two into their past.

09: NEW 2022: With “Peaceful Christmas“Amazon Prime Video brings its first German in-house Christmas series production to the platform on December 9th. The couple Anton (Timur Bartels) and Johanna (Valerie Huber) are confronted with demands from the families and have to go to a chalet in Austria for the party. To the cast the series includes Uwe Ochsenknecht, Esther Schweins and Wayne Carpendale.

10: NEW 2022: Three months after the competing Disney production “Pinocchio” by Robert Zemeckis, Netflix also has a new version of the classic material in its program (since December 9). “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” is darker than the Disney version starring Tom Hanks (which has been available since September 8).

11: NEW 2022: Because he messed up the number of a Viennese woman he met in Berlin and only knows that she always goes to the Hotel Sacher for cake on her birthday (which he doesn’t know), a young lover sits in the café every day. The romantic comedy “Sachertorte” takes place largely at Christmas time and has been running on Amazon Prime Video (since November 18).

12: Halftime of the 24 days. ZDF has put some older Christmas films in its media library, including “Up there snowing” (2012), “Best Christmas present” (2013), “Bundschuh family: Breathe deeply, the family is coming” (2015), “Bundschuh family in Christmas chaos ” (2020) and “Mona & Marie” (2022).

Just two weeks left

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Every year it’s very Christmas time, at the latest when “Santa Clause – A beautiful gift” is on TV.

13: The now 16-year-old Christmas romcom”Love doesn’t need a vacation” (Original: “The Holiday”) always works. The home exchange film between Los Angeles and England with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black is something for romance fans. Subscribe to Magenta TV, Amazon Prime Video, RTL+ and Netflix.

14: NEW 2022: the “Santa Clause” trilogy with comedy veteran Tim Allen consists of the films “Santa Clause” (1994), “Santa Clause 2” (2002) and “Santa Clause 3” (2006). She now has a follow-up series on Disney+: In the six-part miniseries (opening with a double episode on November 16th, then November 23rd and 30th and December 7th and 14th), “Santa Clause” Scott Calvin (played by 69-year-old Allen) tries to find a new Santa Claus, to enjoy his retirement.

15: The Sky Original “A Boy Named Christmas”, which was released last year, shows Santa Claus not as a pot-bellied, bearded man, but as eleven-year-old Nikolas (Henry Lawfull).

16: NEW 2022: The Norwegian Netflix dramedy “Christmas at Home” (Original “Hjem til jul”) is one of the best holiday miniseries with its 2019 and 2020 seasons. It revolves around nurse Johanne, who lies to her family about having a boyfriend and then actually wants to find him for the party. Series star Ida Elise Broch is back in a Netflix Christmas series starting December 16. Her name is “A storm at Christmas“. It’s about travelers stuck at Oslo Airport just before the festival.

17: NEW 2022: Six new episodes of the history series “Sisi” with Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schuemann are now (since December 16th). RTL+ online. On December 27th and 28th, they will be shown from 8.15 p.m. in the linear RTL program with three episodes each evening.

18: 40 years ago, ZDF broadcast the Christmas series “Jack Holborn” with Patrick Bach for children at the festival. In the course of the retro wave and with the help of the media library, the fabrics of yore are now available again. From today “Jack Holborn”, but there is also “Madita” from 1980 (since December 16th), “Silas” from 1981 (since December 17th), “Nesthäkchen” from 1983 (from December 23rd), “Oliver Maass” from 1985 (from December 22nd), “Mino” from 1986 (from December 19th), “Nonni und Manni” from 1988 (from December 20th) and “Timm Thaler” from 1979 (from December 24th). The classic Christmas series “Patrik Pacard” (1984) and “Anna” (1987) have been available for some time.

19: The ten-year-old Dreamworks animated adventure “The Guardians of Light” with Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost always works. You can find it in the Netflix subscription.

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