25-year-old detained for attempted murder in Trelleborg

The incident took place in a villa in Trelleborg on Monday evening. The victim was admitted to hospital with stab wounds. It was later determined that they were caused by a knife.

– The investigation is ongoing so that we can get a complete picture, says prosecutor Kristina Wedelsbäck to SVT.

Severely damaged

The injured woman has not yet been heard from.

– Her injuries are serious but her condition is stable, says Kristina Wedelsbäck.

The 25-year-old was detained at Ystad district court on Thursday morning because she could not dispose of any evidence.

– No motive has emerged, but there have been conflicts between the 25-year-old and the victim for some time, says Kristina Wedelsbäck.

See the photos from the crime scene last Monday night:

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The area around the villa was cordoned off for a technical investigation and the police carried out door knocking in the area. Photo: Mikael Nilsson

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