2G, curfews or lockdown: what now applies in which state

This Christmas market in North Rhine-Westphalia was also canceled in the second year. From Wednesday, stricter corona measures will apply nationwide.Image: imago images / Rüdiger Wölk

Since Wednesday, new measures have been in place nationwide to contain the corona pandemic. The corresponding change to the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) was passed by the Bundestag last week and approved by the Bundesrat. This amendment also approved the expiry of the epidemic situation with national consequences on November 25th.

Nationwide, the hospitalization rate is now the new threshold. In this article, watson has summarized for you what applies from which value.

In addition, some measures now supplement the tried and tested rules. 3G rules now apply in public transport and in the workplace, and the obligation to test for employees and visitors in hospitals, preventive care and rehabilitation facilities has been expanded. In addition, the issuing and use of falsified health certificates is a criminal offense.

Known protective measures such as the mask requirement and the distance rules will continue to be retained. The IfSG re-introduces that employees should work from home whenever possible.

Each federal state can also continue to adopt measures such as 3G, 2G or 2G plus test depending on the infection situation. Excluded from this, however, are the ordering of curfews and bans on accommodation as well as the blanket, blanket closure of shops, schools and other public institutions.

The measures are to apply nationwide until March 19, 2022 and can be extended by up to three months.

In many federal states, measures that go beyond the nationally applicable rules were already decided this week. Watson has summarized for you what applies in which federal state:


On Friday, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced the new measures for Bavaria. These should apply for three weeks and not be extended.

  • The epidemic situation is determined
  • Contact restrictions for unvaccinated people
  • Tightening of 2G and 2G +: Body-close services, schools and universities are added – the trade is excluded from 2G (restriction of 10 sqm per customer)
  • Closing time from 10 p.m. for gastronomy
  • Clubs, bars and shadow economies will be closed
  • Christmas markets and annual markets are canceled


From Wednesday, more stringent measures will also come into force in Baden-Württemberg, alert level 2 applies:

  • 2G-Plus at events, in hotels, restaurants and bars and clubs
  • Exit restrictions for unvaccinated persons in hotspots above a certain limit value
  • In some districts, leaving the home between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. is only allowed for a valid reason, such as in medical emergencies or in connection with work
  • 2G-Plus on Christmas markets


In Saxony, large parts of public life were restricted on Monday. The state is partially in lockdown and bans Christmas markets and full football stadiums.

  • Closure of cultural and leisure facilities such as bars and clubs, with the exception of libraries
  • Cancellation of major events, festivals and trade fairs
  • Accommodation for tourists is prohibited
  • Gastronomy: 2G applies and a curfew from 8 p.m.
  • Dance, music and adult education centers are not allowed to teach, with the exception of: offers for children and young people up to 16 years of age
  • Hotspot region with an incidence of over 1000: curfew for unvaccinated people from 10 p.m.
  • Suspension of attendance at schools until Christmas
  • 2G rule in hairdressing salons, other body-hugging services are prohibited
  • Ghost games in professional football


The cabinet in Saxony-Anhalt announced a nationwide 2G obligation in Magdeburg on Tuesday, which will apply from Wednesday. There should be exceptions for children and young people.

  • 2G for indoor catering, cultural and leisure facilities, events from 50 people and for private overnight stays in hotels
  • 2G for organized sports with the exception of professional athletes
  • 2G + for discos and clubs, but no mask requirement and distance rules
  • 3G at Christmas markets and for body-hugging services, such as visiting the hairdresser, in cosmetic and nail studios, as well as piercing and tattoo studios


Berlin will tighten the corona rules from Saturday, as State Secretary Martin Matz (SPD) announced on Tuesday after a Senate meeting.

  • 2G will be expanded to other areas such as retail, hotels, adult education, driving schools and sports (except for shops with everyday goods such as supermarkets or drug stores)
  • Christmas markets take place
  • In addition to the 2G rule, a mask is required in the cultural and leisure sector
  • Where it is not possible to wear a mask, such as in clubs or during sports, additional distances or a negative test result should be necessary


Brandenburg announced on Monday that it wanted to expand the 2G regulation to the retail sector from Wednesday. The Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke justified the tightening due to the “current emergency situation”.

  • Christmas markets are closed
  • 2G regulation in retail, for body-hugging services, in indoor and outdoor areas of restaurants and hotels
  • 2G rule for adults in contact sports, 3G rule in other indoor sports
  • 2G rule for hotels and guest houses, 3G rule on campsites and holiday homes
  • Abolition of compulsory attendance at schools
  • Christmas holidays start three days earlier
  • 2G-Plus regulation in discos and clubs
  • Contact restrictions for unvaccinated people: Staying only with members of your own household and another household or with up to five people in public spaces is permitted
  • Night-time exit restriction for unvaccinated people in hotspot regions with an incidence of 750 or more


Health Minister Heike Werner (Linke) announced extensive restrictions on public life in Erfurt on Tuesday. The restrictions should initially apply until December 21.

  • Closure of clubs, bars and discos
  • Closing time in the gastronomy from 10 p.m.
  • Nocturnal exit restrictions for unvaccinated people between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Christmas markets are canceled
  • 2G for retail and public events in closed rooms, but also in the open air as well as in restaurants and museums
  • Limitation of the number of participants to events
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions will not take place for the time being
  • Discos, clubs, bars and swimming pools will remain closed
  • At private meetings, stricter contact restrictions apply, especially for unvaccinated people


From Thursday, the state of Hesse will tighten its measures to contain the corona pandemic. From now on, a uniform mask requirement will also apply to the seat in schools and universities. This also applies to overnight stays, at events, in cinemas, theaters and, under certain circumstances, at work.

  • 3G regulation for employees and visitors to hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes and medical practices
  • 2G with mask and distance in interiors of leisure facilities, sports facilities, cultural sites, restaurants, casinos and amusement arcades
  • 2G-Plus in the interiors of clubs and prostitution facilities

North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia also announced through State Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) on Tuesday that stricter corona rules will apply in the state from Wednesday. Unvaccinated people are severely affected by the restrictions.

  • Comprehensive 2G in the leisure and cultural sector
  • 2G-Plus at carnival events and in discos
  • 3G regulation in the workplace, in indoor catering, in museums and in hospitals


From Wednesday, stricter corona rules will apply in Rhineland-Palatinate. The state government decided on the 28th Corona Ordinance on the basis of the Infection Protection Act.

  • Nationwide 2G, depending on the hospitalization rate
  • Retail: wearing medical masks, exempt from the 2G rule, as well as compulsory testing
  • Mask compulsory both indoors and outdoors, it should not be possible to keep distances – including at Christmas markets. In secondary schools, it is mandatory to wear a mask at the seat.

Lower Saxony

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) said in Hanover on Tuesday that the state of Lower Saxony would go over to a 2G rule in public life across the board from Wednesday. According to the state government, however, with a hospital incidence of 5.7, the country is already facing another tightening towards 2G +.

  • 2G in all leisure, cultural, gastronomic and sports facilities as well as at Christmas markets
  • Mask requirement remains in force


Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) announced on Tuesday after a Senate meeting that Hamburg is extending the 2G rule to hotels and the cultural sector. This should apply from next Monday.

  • 2G also in theaters, cinemas, leisure facilities and hotels
  • 3G in local public transport
  • 2G regulation in restaurants, bars, clubs and discos
  • 3G regulation for essential body-hugging services such as hairdressing and foot care
  • No tightening in retail for the time being


In Schleswig-Holstein, a new state ordinance to combat corona will apply from Monday. The basic principle: 2G for indoor leisure events and 3G for professional events and for young people in general.

  • 2G regulation for services with physical contact, exception: hairdressers with 3G regulation, additionally with mask requirement for unvaccinated persons
  • 2G regulation in clubs and discos, as well as in restaurants
  • Mask and distance requirements remain in force
  • Private meetings in closed rooms with a maximum of ten unvaccinated people, not including children under 14 years of age


The Bremen Senate has tightened the corona warning levels further: Warning level 2 is to apply in the city of Bremen from Thursday, which brings the 2G rule for interiors with it.

  • Tests in schools three times a week
  • Events with more than 1000 participants require a permit. In addition, 2G applies to indoor events and a distance of 1.5 meters – in warning level 3 then 2G +
  • 3G scheme on Christmas markets

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, too, the state government has decided to take new measures to combat the corona pandemic. They are due to come into force on Thursday and, above all, entail restrictions for the unvaccinated and compulsory testing for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered in many areas.

  • Nationwide 2G + in indoor areas and at sporting events, including in football stadiums
  • Establishing a capacity limit of 50 percent for events
  • Clubs and discos will be closed
  • 2G regulation on Christmas markets
  • Compulsory daily tests in care facilities for employees and visitors
  • Random checks of the measures


Saarland was one of the first federal states to tighten its measures to contain the corona pandemic last week. These have been in effect since November 20th.

  • 2G regulation indoors at events, restaurants, body-hugging services, hotel stays and in leisure facilities
  • 2G + in discos and clubs as well as when visiting nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • 3G outdoors
  • Mask requirement in schools in addition to the 3G rule

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