2K Games support platform victim of hack targeting gamers

This beginning of the week was marked by an unprecedented cyberattack targeting Rockstar Games, but also the Uber group. Cases of the same type do not seem to be over since it is now another subsidiary of the Take Two group, 2K Games, which is the victim of an attack directly targeting players.

2K Games official support hacked, fake emails sent to players

This is what was discovered yesterday by many users who received an email from 2K Games support offering help with a problem with their service. The email is indeed that of the official support of 2K and it is difficult to perceive any scam there.

The group did not wait long to discover the deception and warn all its users, because the danger is quite significant. Indeed, the attached link would contain software camouflaged as 2K Launcher recovering all the passwords saved on the browsers of users installing it. It was the analysis of Reddit user TronFan who received one of the fake support emails that led to more specific information about the hack.

First and foremost, 2K Games deeply apologizes for the current situation. The group then advises all its customers who have clicked on the email, or even on the attached link, to reset their passwords, activate multifactor authentication and perform an antivirus scan. The 2K site and support have been temporarily shut down and the group will keep users updated when the situation stabilizes.

Despite the fact that Rockstar Games and 2K Games are part of the same group, there would be no links between the two hacks since the attack targeting Rockstar Games targeted the developers and their progress on Grand Theft Auto VI while the attack targeting 2K Games targets players and their personal data.

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