2K Games: Support server hacked, users should change passwords

Publishers Take Two just can’t calm down. After numerous videos from the development of GTA 6 were leaked over the weekend, in which hackers found the Rockstar Games network could access, there is now also a statement from 2K Games support teamin the one illegal access to the company’s servers.

What happened?

According to those responsible for 2K Games an unauthorized third party has posed as a support employee and via the help desk – which customers use to clarify questions with 2K – as an alleged employee a link sent to numerous accounts. So if you have received a message from the support team in the last few days that contains one of the malicious links, simply ignore this message. However, anyone who has clicked on the link should do so as soon as possible change passwords.

2K Games states here that at best all passwords should be exchanged in your current browser are saved. The team also makes it clear that 2K support staff will never ask for passwords or personal information. For now, the help desk will now taken offline. As soon as the case has been resolved and the system is secure again, there will be emails from support again. The tweet with the statement can be found below.

Who is behind the hack?

So far, 2K Games has not shared any details as to who is responsible for the attack. In the case of GTA 6, the investigations were also started. Apparently they even work with that here FBI together. It is suspected that the Rockstar Games hacker also had something to do with the recent Uber attack. We already have that on Tuesday theme reported.

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