3 benefits of restoring factory settings on old cell phones

3 benefits of restoring factory settings on old cell phones

When it comes to extending the useful life of an old cell phone, restoring to factory settings is one of the main alternatives. This can be useful for those who still use an old smartphone and don’t intend to change it or even for those older devices that are not even used, but can appear in emergencies.

Reset, also known as reset, removes all data from the phone and keeps only the pre-installed apps. When turning back on, you will need to sign in to accounts and download all third-party apps.

This process brings many benefits to the cell phone and can solve some recurring crashes. Before formatting it, don’t forget to back up your phone and make sure you don’t lose important files. See below some of the advantages.

Benefits of restoring old phone to factory settings

1. Can improve device performance

Restoring helps resolve various software-related issues such as corrupted files and unresolved bugs with updating apps. Soon after erasing all data, you will notice that the device is faster to start and open screens.

It is only possible to resolve some crash situations by formatting the device, as the entire operating system is reinstalled. This measure optimizes performance even when there are hardware limitations due to the age of the device, such as low RAM or a slower processor.

2. Frees up storage space

A very common limitation on older cell phones involves storage space. A lot of people who use these devices need to delete apps frequently to maintain the memory limit. Also, operating system updates get heavier over time and require more work to manage what’s saved.

In this case, switching to factory settings helps to manage free space more easily: the process removes apps, photos, videos and also several smaller files that, when accumulated, consume a large part of the internal memory. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to use only those apps that are considered essential.

3. It is useful for reposting cell phone

Are you going to sell the device or donate it to someone else? In this case, erasing data is very important so that the next owner of the cell phone does not access your confidential information, such as passwords, logins, photos or banking applications.

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