3 Netflix series to not take your eye off the screen anytime soon

There are 3 Netflix series to not take your eyes off the screen anytime soon, that’s because the episodes will make you addicted to these stories. The list of the time has a series that is released in the catalog, from the same producers of “Dark”. You won’t miss this launch, will you? And there is much more, there are two series that are true successes in streaming and that have just received new seasons. So, check out these tips and schedule yourself to watch. Prepare the popcorn!

1899 (2022)

Netflix launch that has been giving what to talk about. From the same creators of the “Dark” series, Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese, and quite a cast, bringing Miguel Bernadeau, Guzmán from the Elite series, as Ángel, in addition to Anton Lesser, as Qyburn in Game of Thrones. The 1899 episodes bring mystery to an immigrant ship en route to New York. In the year 1899, mysterious events ended up changing the course of the great ship Kerberos, full of immigrants of all nationalities on their way to New York to try a better life. Captain Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann) and his team change course in response to a call from a ship that has been missing for months, the Prometheus. Now passengers will have to solve a mind-boggling riddle. Tensions begin to rise on the vessel.

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Elite (2018)

The series has just won the sixth season. In Elite, after a problem at the school they attend, three public school students are transferred to Las Encinas, the best and most exclusive school in Spain, where the children of the elite study. The clash between the underprivileged and those who have everything culminates in a murder.

Love, revenge or millions of followers? Things are busy in Las Encinas in the sixth season of the series, but it remains to be seen if everyone will make it out of there alive. Who will you trust when it all falls apart? The new season begins with Ari, Mencía and Patrick returning to high school, determined not to be moved by the tragedies of their family. Isa inaugurates the new nightclub.

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Riverdale (2017)

Riverdale is a crime mystery series that also has six seasons. Riverdale follows a group of high school teenagers. While trying to deal with the typical problems of adolescence such as love, sex, school and family, Archie and the gang are involved in a great mystery.

The sixth season of the series begins with Cheryl planning a macabre event, Jughead and Tabitha face horrific beings and Archie digs sacred ground.

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