4 mistakes to avoid if you want to increase your sales Take note!

today’s entrepreneur has at its disposal a series of tools to improve your competitiveness and not let go business opportunities. New technologies, such as electronic billing, They offer Mypes the possibility of avoid mistakes that were more common in the past.

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“Many companies are already using new technologies to grow. It is a trend that forces entrepreneurs to ride the wave so as not to lose ground or be left out of the market”, says Kenneth Bengtsson, CEO of Efact.

In addition, the executive warns of some mistakes that can be avoided for better business performance:

Do not label the products

A common mistake is not to classify the company’s products and even not to give them a stable price. The best way to run a business is build a catalog of the goods and services offered to generate order and streamline processes.

For example, product catalogs can be implemented in electronic invoicing systems that help entrepreneurs to put together quotes and proformas more quickly and easily.

Missing financing tools

Entrepreneurs currently have access to financing alternatives at their disposal thanks to the issuance of digital receipts. You can not only opt for factoring, but also for capital loans.

“The electronic invoicing system is also a record of all the sales of a company. Therefore, it allows the company’s income to be supported by the banks, improving the credit profile”, says Bengtsson.

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Use technologies partially

Entrepreneurs use some technologies, but do not take full advantage of them. For example, Mypes are already required to use the electronic billing system, but they do so only to issue receipts.

They do not know that they can also use this platform to receive documents, and even to take advantage of its storage and benefit from many other functions.

Do not perform administrative monitoring

New technologies are very useful both for organize administrative processes to make improvements in key aspects such as the collection system. “It is also not necessary to use many applications. In our electronic invoicing platform, we make digital collection tools available to our clients that contribute to the follow-up of pending payments in a simple and fast way”, the Efact executive commented.

Operate as casual

Many entrepreneurs do not dare to take the step of formalization for fear of being audited, but mainly because they are unaware of all the advantages that exist for them.

Informality prevents companies from enjoying benefits such as: financing alternatives, access to tenders, boosting trust with their clients, greater business possibilities and even legal certainty, protecting the name of the company and its brand.


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