4 Netflix fantasy series to marathon this weekend

The fantasy genre manages to take fans into incredible and surreal worlds, presenting many impressive possibilities. Taking the audience away from reality, these works are able to deliver proposals that really conquer when put on screen in the right way, so the genre is one of the most sought after in streaming services.

At Netflix, fantasy fans have a catalog full of titles that fit this proposal, including different series that can satisfy those looking for fantastic worlds to explore. Today, we recommend 4 Netflix fantasy series to marathon this weekend.


Sandman / Reproduction

Being one of Netflix’s top releases of 2022, Sandman arrived on the platform on August 5th, and quickly became an extreme success. The series has long held the most watched production position on the streaming service in several countries, consolidating itself as an excellent release.

Being an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name, written by Neil Gaiman, Sandman has several in the work for TV while maintaining the essence and managing to be very faithful to the original content, which is one of the greatest successes in the history of DC Comics. With Morpheus, the Dream, being the protagonist, the series still shows the participation of other Endless like Death, Lucifer, Desire and more, while delivering a very well directed plot supported by an extremely efficient script. A production worthy of applause.


Invisible City

Invisible City / Reproduction
Invisible City / Reproduction

Created by Carlos Saldanha, Invisible City is a Brazilian fantasy series that has achieved worldwide success, presenting impressive numbers at its launch. With a lot of suspense, the fantasy production uses characters from Brazilian folklore in a very interesting way, delivering a plot that keeps them interconnected and manages to involve the audience.

Starring Marco Pigossi, who plays an environmental police officer who ends up discovering mysteries he never imagined finding, the series still has Alessandra Negrini playing a very interesting version of Cuca. The Brazilian production knows how to mix fantasy, suspense and action, delivering a well-crafted plot while taking advantage of elements from different genres, including an interesting dose of investigation.


The Witcher

The Witcher/Reproduction
The Witcher/Reproduction

Created by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher saga became a great success in literature, conquering the world definitively in CD Projekt Red’s video game adaptation, more specifically with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

With Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt of Rivia, the famous White Wolf, the saga also arrived on television. The Netflix adaptation delivers excellent action scenes and knows how to present the elements of this fantastic world, including offering the audience various creatures and monsters. With only two seasons released, this is an excellent option for a weekend marathon. It is worth remembering that Netflix is ​​already preparing the third year!




Arcane was one of Netflix’s biggest hits in 2021, expanding the League of Legends universe with great quality. Being an adaptation of the competitive game, the series managed to reach a huge audience, reaching even subscribers who had never had contact with the game. Excellent in several technical aspects, the series showed a very high level of script, while the animation is certainly one of the most interesting today.

While showing the conflict between the cities of Pltover and Zaun, the series presents the journey of Jinx and V. With the production showing the development of familiar characters, fans also meet new characters as the plot progresses in a captivating way.


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