$ 456,000 in prize money: YouTuber lets Squid Game replay

© Screenshot/YouTube/MrBeast

The Netflix hit series Squid Game has found several imitators around the world, including schoolchildren who hurt each other. The futurezone reported.

Now a real-life version of the “squid games” was on YouTube published, with a prize money of 456.000 US-Dollar could be cleared away by the participants.

“Red light, green light” is being imitated

The initiator was the YouTuber MrBeast, who is known for his generous prize money, which he spends in various competitions. being Video has been over since it was released on Wednesday afternoon 31 million times viewed.

Spectators can see the candidates at the famous game, among other things Red light, green light or at Dalgona-Game on virtually. That too Marble game is part of the competition.

Guards in pink uniforms keep things tidy

In addition to the participants in green uniforms, guards in pink can also be seen in the series. While in the series the prize money with each eliminated (i.e. deceased) candidate* in increases, this is of course not the case in the re-enacted Squid Game version.

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