49.3 for the 5th time: LFI deputies announce a new motion of censure

While Elisabeth Borne triggered article 49.3 after her speech on the Social Security financing bill on Monday, La France Insoumise is stepping up to the plate.

New motion of censure after the 5th use of 49.3 by the government. The deputies La France Insoumise announce on Monday that they are stepping up to the plate after Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has once again engaged the responsibility of the government on the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS).

“This umpteenth forced passage is unacceptable,” declared to the press Mathilde Panot, the head of the LFI deputies, surrounded by members of her group.

She specified that she was going to “discuss” with the other groups of Nupes as well as with the centrist group Liot, to see if they wish to bring their signatures to this motion.

According to our information, the Socialist Party will however not vote for this motion of censure.

Perrine Vasque and Elisa Fernandez with AFP

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