4K OLED TV: good luck finding 55-inch 120 Hz cheaper

News good deal 4K OLED TV: good luck finding 55-inch 120 Hz cheaper

Hisense is probably not the first brand you think of to buy a TV, but it’s hard to get cheaper for 4K, and with 120 Hz. 200€ less for this 55 inch, currently on Cobra .

The Hisense 55A85G TV, convincing assets

When you see an OLED TV, you can be (almost) sure to get a really attractive picture, and above all with infinite contrasts. Indeed, OLED technology allows each pixel to be independent and therefore to turn off to perfectly recreate the black color. Who says perfect blacks says perfect contrasts.

Buy the HiSense 55A85G TV for 990€ on the Cobra website

Gone are the times when you watch a movie in a dark room and the supposed black displayed is just a somewhat disappointing dark gray.

This Hisense is OLED but also 55 inches, a size that allows it to be easily put in a room but still has a very satisfactory display surface. The edges of the screen are thin and a small particularity: the foot is rotatable.

The stand can therefore pivot to adapt the angle of the TV as needed, even if the viewing angles are very good.

4K OLED 120 Hz, some concessions but good for less than 1000€ on Cobra

4K provides the necessary viewing comfort for this screen size, so as not to perceive the pixels. So it’s nice, but what we appreciate above all is the support for 120 Hz in a model for less than 1000€.

A 120 Hz panel can refresh 120 times per second, and therefore display up to 120 frames per second. It is in the games that you will see the difference. The latest consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the PS5 and the Xbox Series, support 120Hz and 4K.

The colorimetry in the game is excellent compared to many other models (DeltaE 1.8). On the other hand, the delay between controller action and in-game action is quite high, so consider this if you play competitive games seriously.

Fortunately, TV is catching up with support for VRR and ALLM.

Be careful though: the HDMI 2.1 ports, normally supporting 4K 120 Hz, do not allow it on this A85G. It’s a bit of a shame because you’ll have to settle for 60 Hz when you want 4K.

Released for €1199, the Hisense 55A85G TV goes to €990 on the Cobra site.

Buy the HiSense 55A85G TV for 990€ on the Cobra website

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