5 benefits of buying an apartment when you are young

The dream of many people, especially young people, is to be able to move out of their parents’ house and live independently. However, sometimes the age factor can be very intimidating, especially if you feel that being very young is an impediment to achieving it, but how true is this?

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Leader Grupo Constructor reveals five benefits of obtaining an apartment while you are young and not throwing in the towel in the attempt:

1. It is an investment for the future

Unlike buying a vehicle, which is devalued due to its use and the passing of the years, a home, on the contrary, increases its value every year, which can be profitable over time.

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2. New eco-friendly projects allow savings

When looking for options, keep in mind that many of the new buildings in Lima have different characteristics and certifications (such as the EDGE certification) that will save large percentages on the cost of basic services such as water and electricity.

3. Creation of credit history

One of the advantages of having a home loan approved and paying on time is that it will open the doors for future loans that you wish to apply for.such as for studies, other properties or even getting cards with better rates.

4. Apply to government bonds to reduce costs

Currently, there are many state aids to be able to get a home in certain projects that meet the requirements. Bonds such as ‘Mi Vivienda Verde’ or ‘Renta Joven’ could be a great first step that will help not only reduce the costs involved in buying a housebut also to lose the fear of starting in this new stage of your life.

5. The pleasure of fulfilling one of the main achievements of life

Beyond the economic or other external benefits that may arise from the purchase of your own apartment, the personal satisfaction of having entered the stage of independence, with your own things, rules and home, is greater than any other.


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