5 best discount coupon sites to take advantage of Black Friday

Next Friday (25), the long-awaited Black Friday 2022 takes place. In short, it is a date that is awaited by many Brazilians all year round, who are looking forward to finding good discounts for the desired products.

And to be able to save even more, there are discount coupon sites, which work all year round, that can help you make that dreamed purchase. And on Black Friday, it’s no different. There are sites like Méliuz, and Cuponomia, which in addition to getting a discount, can also provide cashback, and thus increase your savings even more.

So, to help you save even more this Black Friday, check out below, websites that can help you get an even bigger discount.

The 5 best discount coupon sites to take advantage of Black Friday

Credit: Disclosure/Canva
Credit: Disclosure/Canva

Below, check out our selection of websites where you can get even more discounts to buy that product you’re dating.

1. Coupony

Credits: Reproduction/Couponomia
Credits: Reproduction/Couponomia

Couponomia is a free website that offers discount coupons. In addition, it is possible to get cashback and special promotions in more than 2 thousand stores. Among them are Dell, Amazon, Americanas, Renner, and AliExpress.

Already on the home page, the site presents the 30 best discount coupons of the week. In addition, consumers can search for other codes, in specific stores, if they wish.

Parallel to this, the site also features an extension, which you can install in your browser. Thus, you receive an alert about coupons and cashback offers whenever you access the website of a partner store of the brand.

To get the discount, you need to tap View Coupon. Afterwards, you need to enter the code before finalizing the purchase on the website of the chosen store. For promotions, just tap See promotionto be directed to the product page.

In order to guarantee the cashback, it is necessary to register on the Couponomia platform. From there, the cash back will be added to your wallet on the website, and you can redeem it at no cost to your bank account whenever the balance reaches R$20.

2. Méliuz

Credits: Playback/Méliuz
Credits: Playback/Méliuz

Méliuz releases discount and cashback coupons in several online stores. And just like the first suggestion, Méliuz also provides a browser extension that automatically tests and applies discount coupons.

In addition, the plugin allows you to activate cashback directly on the store’s website. And in addition to the web version, Méliuz is also available in an app for Android and iOS.

To find coupons on the site, you need to scroll the page, and browse the main stores or categories. When you find an offer, tap View Couponand copy and paste the code into the store’s shopping cart.

To access the cashback, it is also necessary to register with Méliuz. That done, just find the desired store, and tap on Activate Cashbackto be redirected to the purchase site.

Cashback appears on Méliuz’s statement, and it is possible to redeem it in your bank account whenever the balance reaches R$ 20. The platform also offers its own credit card, which does not charge annuity, and gives 2% cashback.

3. Slaying

Credits: Reproduction/Pelando
Credits: Reproduction/Pelando

Pelando is a website created in 2015, which is part of the Pepper group, which offers coupons and promotions. Currently, it has more than 800,000 members, and is one of the largest coupon sites in Brazil.

It builds on the interactive dynamic between its community, where users can implement coupons, and publishers. That is, on this site, you can find coupons entered by the platform’s professionals or customers.

4. Couponery

Credits: Disclosure/Cuponeria
Credits: Disclosure/Cuponeria

Cuponeria brings together discount and cashback coupons that can be applied in more than 2,000 stores – online or physical. Among the partner brands are: Americanas, Netshoes, Casas Bahia, and Amazon.

There are so many discounts and cashback that the site already has a special section for Black Friday 2022. It is possible to get up to 80% off, and up to 20% cashback. In addition to the website, the brand also has a browser extension and an application for Android and iOS.

When browsing the categories or stores that the site has a partnership with, it is necessary to tap on the coupon, and choose Cup and go to the store. Then paste the copied code at the time of checkout. If the offer does not have a code, just click on Take advantage of offerto be directed to the special page.

Finally, it is worth noting that some of the coupons are exclusive to registered users of Cuponeria. In the case of physical stores, it is necessary to issue the coupon and present it on the smartphone.

5. Promobit

Credits: Disclosure/Promobit
Credits: Disclosure/Promobit

Promobit is a community that has the best offers from the biggest e-commerce in Brazil. Its differential is that all promos are registered by the consumers themselves, and are curated by the moderation team.

In the main menu, the user can find a tab that directs to discount coupons. You can search for promotional codes by e-commerce name in the search bar, or browse partner stores and categories.

On the coupon page of the site, you can find a selection with the best stores and the best codes. In addition, you can access the latest discounts entered on the platform.

To facilitate purchases, the user can monitor a coupon through the Promobit promotions app for Android or iOS. To do this, simply create a wish list and add a description of the desired code.

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