5 insider tips from Black Friday if you don’t want to spend more than 100 euros

Thanks to Black Friday, there are dozens of offers on Amazon. MeinMMO presents 5 insider tips that are particularly worthwhile.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the offers on Black Friday and don’t know what might be worthwhile for you? MeinMMO has a few tips and recommendations for you if you don’t want to spend more than 100 euros.

In addition to everyday helpers, this also includes useful aids for the coming year 2022.

Cable pocket or helpful organizer

Why is it worth it? In the meantime you need a different cable for each device or you have to carry various things with you for trips or similar. A cable pocket or organizer is a small upgrade for everyday life.

  • Here you can stow all your cables safely and sensibly.
  • Often there is even space in the pockets for a few larger items such as a power bank or various charging adapters.
  • The organizers are waterproof so that nothing happens to your valuable electronics on the trip.

Such bags or organizers cost you around 10-15 euros and offer you plenty of space. You can sort your cables or other accessories in nets, bags or loops so that they don’t fly around in your home or workplace.

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It Takes Two

Why is it worth it? Maybe not exactly an insider tip anymore, but the game is a strong experience for anyone looking for a cool co-op game for two people.

The story is about the protagonists May and Cody. The two want to get a divorce after a few conflicts, but her daughter doesn’t find that funny. Because she lets her parents transform into enchanted dolls and so they have to find their love again.

It Takes Two made it into the 25 best co-op titles on MeinMMO and was able to convince our editor Irina Moritz above all with its diversity. You can also find out more about the game in Plus article from GameStar about It Takes Two read up.

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Microsoft 365 Family

Why is it worth it? Do you still have an Office subscription or are you considering buying one? Then Microsoft 365 Family is currently worth it for just under 50 euros. Because the family package not only includes Word with all its functions, you also get additional functions such as 1TB OneDrive cloud storage.

It is also practical that you can use the family license with up to 5 people at the same time without restriction. You can also use the license on your Android or Apple tablet without any problems. If you share the Office license with 4 other people, you only pay 10 euros each for 1 TB cloud storage. There is currently no cheaper way to get so much storage space in the cloud.

It is only important that you have to be careful with the activation in the end, because Microsoft wants to aggressively convince you that you will continue to use Office 365 at full price after one year. You can turn this off a bit cumbersome and you should also do it if you don’t want to pay 100 euros per year.

  • You go to the overview page office.com/myaccount
  • Then go to Manage Billing here. You land on the activation page.
  • Here you select “Redeem card or code” and use the code that you received from Amazon when you bought the product.
  • Leave the Recurring Billing option disabled.

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WISO Tax Savings Book 2022

Why is it worth it? Every taxable person has to fill out a tax return every year. You can do this either directly using the Elster form or, alternatively, with control software.

In contrast to Elster, tax software offers you tips and tools on how to best fill out your tax return. Tax programs cost around 40 EUR and contain many video instructions and tips in digital form. In addition, the programs reliably guide you through the tax form using so-called assistants and support you with helpful tips for saving.

This is faster and easier than if you had to fill out the official forms yourself and you can send the finished documents directly to the tax office.

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Soundcore Life A2 ANC

Why is it worth it? Do you like to listen to music on the go, want to watch your series or simply want to be on the bus and train undisturbed without other people or the noise of the traffic driving you crazy? Then we can recommend the Soundcore Life A2 ANC. Because the headphones not only offer you good sound, but also great noise suppression that can successfully block out many annoying noises. Here the headphones even offer several modes:

  • The “Traffic” mode filters out low frequencies. This is especially nice when you are on the tram or train.
  • In the “Indoor” mode, voices and middle frequencies should be faded out. Sometimes it works better, sometimes less. Some voices are still indistinctly audible.
  • “Outdoor” relies on a mix of frequencies in order to have a more balanced sound.

You can read a comprehensive report on the headphones and why they are worthwhile here on MeinMMO. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann has tested the headphones and doesn’t want to miss them anymore:

A pair of headphones for 50 euros are currently saving my nerves

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