5 movies of different genres to watch this week

I separated a thriller movie, an action movie, a comedy movie, an apocalyptic movie and a Netflix original that I really enjoyed. This list is for you to thrash through the week and not be looking for what to watch on Netflix anymore. Watched them all, comment below which one you liked the most, so people who pass by here can start with it.

Thriller movie: The Guilty

This movie will keep you awake, curious and distressed. The plot follows the life of police officer Joe Bayler (Jake Gyllenhaal). He’s been demoted and punished, so he’s always mumbling about everything. One day, while working at the 911 emergency call center, he receives a call from a woman (Riley Keough) who calls for her son, discreetly disguising her own kidnapping. Bayler will have to use his head to unravel what exactly is going on, the ending is surprising.

The culprit: Netflix movie;  photo/disclosure
The culprit: Netflix movie; photo/disclosure

Action movie: John Wick 2

If you haven’t watched John Wick, you haven’t watched an action movie from start to finish yet. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) believed he was going to retire, but he’s back, that’s because his plans are interrupted with the reappearance of Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scarmacio). Upon returning from the criminal underworld, he discovers that there is a big bounty on his neck. The movie is a trilogy, so far, it’s worth watching everyone.

John Wick 2;  Photo: publicity
John Wick 2; Photo: publicity

Apocalyptic Movie: World War Z

Classic movie, with a very attractive story, will hold you in the movie. A former UN official races against time and defies fate as he tries to stop a zombie pandemic from spreading. The mysterious and terrible disease spreads at a very fast speed, turning people into zombies. As the forecasts are catastrophic, the American Government recruits a former UN investigator, with Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) destined for the mission. A real race against time begins to try to find a cure before the apocalypse.

World War Z: Netflix movie;  photo/disclosure
World War Z: Photo/Disclosure

Comedy film: MIB: Men in Black International

A mixture of comedy, action and fiction, so classifies MIB. Featured movie is cast by Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and more. Aliens threaten Earth. So a new recruit and a veteran MIB agent embark on a mission to save the organization and the world from aliens who can take the form of any human being.

MIB;  photo/disclosure
MIB; photo/disclosure

Netflix’s top movie: Rescue

Rescue is one of the best original movies on Netflix. First, I really like action movies, the movie effects, the story and because the movie has continuity already confirmed by Netflix, it will be good for you to watch.

Rescue is an action movie with Marvel’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth. He needs to rescue an Indian boy who is being held hostage in the city of Dhaka. When facing the mission, he encounters one of his rivals. Even though he is physically prepared, he has to deal with problems from the past.

Rescue: Netflix movie;  photo/disclosure
Rescue: Netflix movie; photo/disclosure

Which ones have you watched? There’s a tip of a list with a movie by genre, comment below for readers to have other options.

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