5 new apps not to be missed!

New week, new app of the week: here we are back with the list of 5 best apps among those released in the last period that you might like or that might come in handy if you have a specific need to protect your smartphone, for example, or to find new tools that help you improve productivity.

The apps in question range from the brand new Microsoft Defenderan antivirus that has interoperability as its main feature / advantage, a Stack, another app produced by an exceptional developer (Google) ideal for turning your smartphone into a real scanner. There is also a proposal for entertainment, Moonbeam, a podcast player capable of adapting its suggestions to your listening preferences. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to discover your next favorite app?

Microsoft Defender

Of Microsoft Defender we have already talked in depth in this article. If you have a PC running Windows you will already know this antivirus; well, you must know that for a few days it has also been possible to install it on iPhones and Android smartphones. The main benefit of Microsoft Defender is that you can check the status of various devices from one place, after logging into your Microsoft account.

Cost: free / no ads / contains in-app purchases

Microsoft Defender Microsoft Defender Microsoft Defender

Clipt – Copy & Paste Across Devices

Clipt – Copy & Paste Accross Devices is another app focused on interoperability. Clipt is designed specifically for smartphones OnePlus, which thanks to this app will be able to communicate more easily with Mac and PC. If you are one of those who self-send emails and messages to transfer files from your smartphone to your computer (and vice versa), we have good news for you: with Clipt you will no longer need it.

Cost: free / no ads / no in-app purchases

Clipt - Copy & Paste Across Devices Clipt - Copy & Paste Across Devices Clipt - Copy & Paste Across Devices

Moonbeam | Podcast Discovery

Moonbeam is an app advertised as “The easiest way to find your next favorite podcast”. Basically, Moonbeam “records” your ratings and uses them to provide you personalized advice on similar broadcasts that you may like. In addition to learning automatically, however, Moonbeam is also based on what you yourself suggest, or rather on the topics you select once you log in to the app for the first time.

Cost: free / contains ads / contains in-app purchases

Moonbeam |  Podcast Discovery Moonbeam |  Podcast Discovery

Wacom Notes

Many know Wacom, a famous manufacturer of graphic tablets and other tools for writing / drawing using technology, but not everyone knows Wacom Notesa really smart writing app that converts your notes into digital documents you can “Search, organize and share” with a simple touch. The new function Semantic Inkthen, it analyzes the text as you enter it and provides additional contextual information, saving you the trouble of searching for it on the Internet.

Cost: free / no ads / no in-app purchases

Wacom Notes Wacom Notes Wacom Notes

Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120

Released a few months ago by Google, Stack has never been particularly popular with document scanning apps. For this, let’s try to relaunch it: Stack turns your smartphone into one scanner of invoices, receipts and any other paper documents you wish or need to be transferred to the screen. In addition, Stack allows you to search within the text of scanned documents and get exactly the information you need.

Cost: free / no ads / no in-app purchases

Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120 Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120 Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120

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