5 unmissable series from the Amazon Prime Video catalog

For those who like good series, the Amazon Prime Video catalog is full of them. Series that made the head of the crowd are on streaming, as is the case of “Grey’s Anatomy”. We list the 5 unmissable series from the Amazon Prime Video catalog, which are worthy of a marathon and if you haven’t watched it yet, run to see why it’s worth every episode. These are series that have won over the public. Check out!

Grey’s Anatomy (2005)

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

It could only be Grey’s Anatomy to be the first on the list. Throughout the episodes, you will follow the trajectory of the brilliant surgical intern Meredith Gray, a first year at Seattle Grace Hospital, along with her fellow residents in training. We follow the day to day of this group inside the hospital, as well as the setbacks of personal life. A series that will conquer you, is one of those that you hope will never end, even if it already has 17 seasons.

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This Is Us (2017)

Thi Is Us
This Is Us

In this dramedy we follow a unique set of characters, all born on the same day. It all starts back in 1979 on the day triplets Jack, Kate and Randall arrive home from the maternity ward with the Pearson family – Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). We follow the history of this family in different timelines. In the course of the episodes, problems and experiences arise as a family and then in the private lives of the children as adults, each with their problems, traumas and dreams. The series has 6 seasons.

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House (2005)

Casa, Lar
Casa, Lar

It is another unmissable series for those who enjoy clinical experiences and stories within a hospital or a medical consultation room. Throughout the episodes we follow the precise diagnoses of Dr. Gregogy House. Dr. House is lacking in bedside manners and wouldn’t even talk to his patients if he could get away with it. Solving several medical cases, this doctor deals daily with his own constant physical pain, making use of a support cane. With a very bitter and honest demeanor, with unconventional thinking and perfect instincts, this doctor finds solutions for cases considered “no chance”. The series has 8 seasons.

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Sherlock (2010)


If you haven’t watched this production with Benedict Cumberbatch yet, it’s time. In the episodes we follow the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in London in the 21st century. In need of a place to live in London, Dr. John Watson is eventually introduced to Detective Sherlock Holmes. The partnership of these two leads to various murder and brutal crime solutions in the English capital. The series has 4 seasons.

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Heartland (2008)


A series for those who like to be enchanted by nature and animals, while accompanying the dilemmas of a family. The series follows the lives of sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather, Jack Bartlett. There are ups and downs in the daily life of this horse ranch, destined to save the animals that suffered abuse, while Amy takes her mother’s place on the ranch, trying to train the horses, healing the injured and neglected. The series has 6 seasons on Prime Video.

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