5 years of security updates, Titan M2 chip … Google’s efforts to shield its Pixel 6

Google pushes back the planned obsolescence of its smartphones. Yesterday, on the occasion of the presentation of its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones, the IT giant announced that it would guarantee 3 years of functional updates and 5 years of security updates. Of course, we are still far from the longevity of Apple smartphones. Released in 2015, the iPhone 6S for example benefited, with iOS 15, from its sixth system update.

But in the Android world, you usually don’t go beyond three years of software support. Google is therefore an exception and we can be happy about it. We must now hope that other manufacturers will follow suit, which would raise the general level of security of the Android ecosystem.

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Google has also beefed up its smartphones on a material level. Thus, the Pixel 6 integrate a new generation security chip, called Titan M2, which will notably store cryptographic secrets and sensitive data. Tests carried out by independent experts have shown that this new version would be resistant against the most advanced attacks such as electromagnetic analysis, variations in electrical voltage (“voltage glitching”) or laser beams.

The new Tensor chip, which is supposed to excel in machine learning, also has a security computing core that will take charge of sensitive operations and that will “work” with the Titan M2 chip. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t given more details yet.

Finally, thanks to Android 12, the Pixel 6 have new configuration and settings spaces. The “Security Hub” allows you to see at a glance whether the various security functions are activated or not, and to modify the settings accordingly. A new control screen allows, at any time, to activate or deactivate certain functions such as the camera, microphone or Bluetooth. As for the “Privacy Dashboard”, it informs the user which applications access which hardware or software resources at which time.

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