50 years of Ballermann – Lorenz Büffel is an entertainer and “baby manager”

Lorenz Büffel is THE mood cannon at hit parties.

Entertainment is in the blood of the 42-year-old, which is why his performances at Ballermann are so legendary! In 2021 he was still convinced that the party beach would remain closed for a long time. But just one year later, the MEGAPARK celebrates its mega opening!

That’s why you read everything about Ballermannstar Lorenz Büffel here!


Surname: Stefan Scheichel-Gieren aka Lorenz Büffel

Date of birth: May 29, 1979

Residence: Limburg an der Lahn (Hesse)

Profession: Entertainer, pop singer, entrepreneur

Relationship status: Married to Emily Gieren

Known hits: Johnny Dapp (2016)

life and career

Lorenz Büffel began his career as an entertainer in the early 2000s. Comedy is his passion and that’s why he worked as a radio presenter and entertainer in a holiday club in Senegal. There he was discovered by German comedian Bernd Stelter.

After being taught at the Comedy Academy in Cologne, he moved to Hamburg. It was there that his comedy career took off around Olivia Jones. In 2006 he was an entertainer for the first time on the “Mega-Park” stage at Ballermann.

Since then, Lorenz Büffel has performed over 250 times a year on Mallorca and in other European party locations. In 2016 he had his greatest success with the Ballermann hit “Johnny Däpp”. He reached the German single charts and was even awarded the gold record.

Funny: At a press event for the “Hollywood Vampires” tour, Lorenz Büffel presented his gold record to the namesake of his top hit: Johnny Depp!

Watch out: Lorenz Büffel will of course be there at the start of the season at Ballermann. From April 10, 2022 he will be appearing in the “Mega-Park”. On the occasion of the “50 Years Ballermann” anniversary, he will also be part of the RTL program “The Ultimate Chart Show” on May 16th.

Lorenz Büffel does that in private

The mood cannon is committed to charitable causes: Lorenz Büffel was appointed Arche ambassador in 2020.

The reason for this: He launched a living room concert tour in 2020 to collect donations for “Die Arche – Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk”. Pop stars like Mickie Krause or Oli P. were there, among others.

The well-being of his own family is also sacred to the mood cannon. Lorenz Büffel has been married to his partner Emily Gieren since 2020. Their son Leo was born in the same year.

on Instagram he presents his fans the new family happiness. The entertainer presents himself as a loving family man and describes himself as a “baby manager”.

Also interesting: In order to earn money during the pandemic, Lorenz Büffel and his wife opened a food truck. “Buffalo’s Express” was on the road in its home town of Limburg for about a year.

Lorenz Büffel’s top hits

year song title
2009 “I like to do Anna Nass”
2012 “I want sex with you Carmen” with Ikke Hip Gold
2012 “The pitchers High!
2016 “Johnny Daep”
2017 “A Golden Star” with Mia Julia
2020 “double horn”

Lorenz Büffel recently published together with Schlager colleague Tim Toupet a new song titled “Pietro Lombaaadi”. You can hear the new song here:

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