53 crimes: Wanted Hungarian woman arrested at Hörbranz border crossing

©Federal Police

On Wednesday (November 23, 2022) the federal police put a Hungarian national behind bars. The woman had been wanted on warrants for property and violent crime for nearly five years.

On Wednesday morning, Lindau federal police officers stopped a vehicle registered in Hungary at the Hörbranz border crossing (BAB 96) and checked the occupants. During the search for a 27-year-old passenger, the officers found that the Hungarian woman had had a pre-trial arrest warrant issued by the Berlin-Tiergarten district court in February 2018. The wanted man is accused of having committed seven property and violent crimes in August and September 2017 alone, some of which were carried out jointly. The criminal offenses ranged from simple shoplifting to unpaid taxi rides and visits to restaurants. The Hungarian did not shy away from using violence against the witnesses.

Known to the police: Already 53 cases

The federal police officers researched that the woman was already known to the police with 53 cases of mostly fraud and serious theft. The 27-year-old committed 52 crimes alone within six months, between June 2017 and January 2018. The Hungarian first appeared under criminal law in November 2015 with money laundering.

Hungarian simulated dizzy spells

During the processing in the Lindau federal police station, the arrested person suddenly complained of heart problems and suffered an apparent dizzy spell. The officers immediately checked the woman’s vital signs and called the emergency services. After a short stay in the hospital under police guard, the all-clear could be given quickly: the patient had obviously simulated. The woman had to pay the treatment costs of 100 euros on the spot. A bill will follow for the unprovoked use of the ambulance and the associated police costs.

The federal police officers brought the arrested person to the Lindau District Court and then delivered them to Memmingen Prison.

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