535 police officers disapprove of trust control

535 police officers disapprove of trust control

Juarez City.- More than 500 elements of various police corporations in the state of Chihuahua, especially municipal ones, resulted as “failed” in the trust control exams, indicate data from the federal government.

According to the review “to the personnel of the Professional Career Service of public security institutions” as of January 31, in the entity there was an “evaluable universe” of 11,902 members, of which 94 percent approved, 4.49 percent did not pass and one percent is pending the result.

From the figures in the report it is also clear that 75 “evaluable” agents were not subjected to the tests: five from State Public Security, 24 from Prevention and Social Reintegration, 13 from the Justice Department and another 33 at the municipal level.

The document was disseminated by the National Center for Certification and Accreditation –organ of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) of the respective federal secretariat (SSPC)– and establishes that the source of information on the tests are the State Centers for Evaluation and Confidence Control.

In its results, the report indicates only percentages with respect to the figure of the “assessable universe”, with five percent “not approved” of the thousand 833 of the State Public Security Secretariat, which is equivalent, in rounded figures, to 92 agents, and another five percent –or 74 elements– of the 1,473 in the Prevention and Social Reintegration centers.

It also indicates that one percent of the 2,954 reviewable members of the State Attorney General’s Office did not pass, a line that the report calls “Justice Attorney”, or 30 people, nor 339 in the different Municipal Public Security corporations – of which there is no breakdown – and which are six percent of the 5,642 elements that should have been examined.

A request for information on this report made yesterday to the head of the State Center for the Evaluation and Control of Confidence in Chihuahua, Jorge Villagrán, was not answered, nor were others to the Communication areas of the State Attorney General’s Office -on which it depends- and the SSPC.

The document is available on the website with the information of the National Certification and Accreditation Center, where it is described that the tests are structured “under a global approach (…) in which background investigation is a fundamental part of the process.”

Also, which include psychological, toxicological, polygraphy, medicine and socioeconomic research reviews.

“The results of control of trust have proven to be an important tool to assess the entry, permanence and promotion of members of public security institutions,” says the official information.

“Under this premise, the result of the trust control evaluation process is not the definitive and unique factor, the decision must be derived from the analysis of all the elements provided by the areas of Internal Control, Human Resources, Internal Affairs, Trust Control and Investigation of the institutions themselves, as well as the information contained in the labor file of the evaluated person”, he adds.

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