5th wave: Olivier Véran announces an upcoming strengthening of border controls

The Minister of Health, invited to 8 p.m. on TF1, also indicated that the rules for traveling to overseas territory would change.

The rules will change. Given the emergence of the fifth wave and the continued rise in the number of cases, the government has announced a list of measures to try to contain the epidemic. Announcements relating to both the booster dose and the health protocol at school, but also on trips abroad and within the national territory.

“We already have border control measures and we are going to strengthen them in different ways, this will be specified within 24-48 hours, the time to consult, to consult with the Quai d’Orsay, a decree will define things precisely”, said the minister at 20 hours of TF1, “we are going to strengthen them in particular for people who are not vaccinated and who wish to return to France and we will also strengthen them for people who come from countries where the virus circulates a lot and where there would possibly be suspicions of variants”.

The member of the government also indicated that the latter took note of Morocco’s decision to suspend flights to and from France: “we are obviously going to do the maximum for our French nationals who remained in Morocco this evening and who are question. “

Return of the test to go overseas

In parallel with this announcement, Olivier Véran indicated that the rules for going overseas will also be reviewed given the deterioration in the health situation.

“We are going to change and modify the rules to be able to go to overseas territory because we are restoring a test obligation: if you are not vaccinated and you want to go overseas, you will have to present a negative test for less than 24 hours and if you are vaccinated you will have to present either an antigen test of less than 48 hours, or a PCR test of less than 72 hours “, clarified Olivier Véran.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV reporter

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