6-minute sex rule: this is how your love life should get better – according to the study

What is the 6 Minute Sex Rule all about?

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Even if both partners want satisfying sex in their love life, it doesn’t always feel equally good for both of them. A representative study by the Canadian condom manufacturer Trojan and the “Sex Information and Education Council” has therefore dealt with the question: “What makes good and satisfying sex for you?” From this the 6-minute sex rule could be derived, which is supposed to lead to better sex. Here you can find out what’s behind it and how you can use it for yourself.

That’s behind the 6-minute rule

For the study, 1,500 women and men between the ages of 18 and 24 were interviewed separately. The questions were intended to find out what preferences men and women have during sexual intercourse, regardless of their sexual orientation. The surprising thing is that the ideas of the sexes are not far apart. The majority of those surveyed believed that a relationship was important in order to be able to enjoy sex over the long term. There was also broad agreement on the requirements for becoming sexually active.

The 6-minute rule was derived from the results. This rule should in any case have a positive influence on the love life of a couple relationship and the effect should go beyond the physical.

Even if the name suggests, the 6 minute rule is less about how long the penetrative act lasts. Apparently, this was also less important to the respondents for the idea of ​​”good sex”. Physical closeness was more important. This ensures more satisfaction in the partnership and during sex. 56 percent of men and 54 percent of women said they would like to be physically close for at least six minutes before and after the act.

Prelude and aftermath: What women and men want during sex

In the survey, 61 percent of women specifically emphasized that they would not be able to orgasm without foreplay. In total, they were significantly above the value of men. On average, it was possible to derive a length of at least six minutes of prelude. It is important to engage with each other actively and sensually.

But foreplay isn’t the only thing that matters. Furthermore, 71 percent of women stated that they perceive sex as more satisfying if the partner took a few minutes to caress after the act. If the cuddling fell away, only 44 percent of the respondents found the sex “very satisfying”. Cuddling increases the emotional bond with the partner and is part of good sex for the majority of women. You can find everything else that cuddles can do in this article.

However, you don’t need a stopwatch in bed. It is enough to trust your internal clock and to let yourself go into the sensual cuddling experience. Then the minutes fly by and the sex satisfies both of you.

Better Sex: How It Works Well in Love Life

From a technical point of view, it is important that both partners are aware of the gender-specific and – more importantly – personal differences in sex. The sexual and psychotherapist Dr. Michael Petery writes about this on his Blog Sexualtherapie.online, that both partners have to say goodbye to the traditional ideal of experiencing a common simultaneous orgasm during penetration. This often leads to mutual pressure and frustration for both.

When both partners know what each other needs to be happy, sex works best. That is why communication about sexual needs is very important. Couples should also take the time to discover each other and themselves. In any case, the “in-out, turn around and sleep” method does not lead to success.

For sex to be good, it has to work out of bed too. This applies to the partnership as well as to the life of the two partners for themselves.

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