76 years of blue and white is celebrated extensively

The home game of the fighting team is on the program on Saturday – including a big after party.

The SC Admira Dornbirn invites you to the anniversary marathon weekend.

Dornbirn. In 2021, Covid 19 thwarted the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of SC Admira Dornbirn 1946. Now the traditional Dornbirn football club is celebrating its birthday on a smaller scale – with all the youngsters, parents, coaches, members and “hopefully many Admira fans”, as Geri Pichler, the club’s sporting director, emphasizes.

Next weekend (September 23/24/25) all Admira teams will play a home game at the Rohrbach sports facility. So there is a lot going on in the Forach. In addition to football non-stop from Friday to Sunday evening, there are a number of additional attractions for visitors of all ages. On Saturday evening (after the elite league match of the first team against RW Rankweil) there will also be a celebration of “76 years of blue and white” in the notorious Mohrenpilz.

“Saturday and Sunday, the guests are not only spoiled by our Admira gastro crew, other selected specialties are also on the indulgence program,” promises Reini Peer, long-standing head of the gastro team.

In 1946, the SC Admira was mainly founded by players from the former clubs of the Bündtlitten sports club and the sports club. The success story of the club, which is known for relying on self-made players and talents from Dornbirn and is valued by many for its family cohesion, is long. As early as 1948, one could celebrate the first title – Vorarlberg Cup winner. Numerous other titles, successes and legendary ascents followed. Last season can also be described as the absolute highlight in the club’s history, when the team of long-term coach Herwig Klocker managed to secure promotion to the Regionalliga West.

And now there is finally the opportunity to celebrate and celebrate the traditional club and the values ​​that have stood for Admira for 76 years, namely “good cooperation and solidarity at all levels” – for a weekend. The entire board around President Gerhard “Bubu” Ritter and the entire Admira family are looking forward to celebrating the special birthday together with numerous supporters and in a sporty manner for three days. (cth)

Sports program “76 years of blue and white”

5.30 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U10A : SC Graf Hatlerdorf U10A

5.30 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U10B : SC Graf Hatlerdorf U10B

6 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U11 : SPG FMZ Vorderwald U11

9.30 a.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U12 : Viktoria Bregenz U12

10.00 a.m. SC Admira Dornbirn Tournament U9A+U9B

11.15 a.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U16 : FC Hard U16

1.45 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn Juniors : FC Nenzing 1B

4 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn : RW Rankweil (Eliteliga)

10.00 a.m. SC Admira Dornbirn Tournament U7

12.30 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn tournament U8

2.00 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U13 : FC Au U13

4 p.m. SC Admira Dornbirn U14 : Viktoria Bregenz U14

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