8 die for ‘Grace’ in Veracruz

Veracruz— A total of eight deaths is the balance left by the passage of hurricane “Grace” through the state of Veracruz until yesterday afternoon, informed Governor Cuitláhuac García.

“Unfortunately we have eight deaths, one reported in Poza Rica last night (Friday), (it was) an elderly person who was walking down the street and at the critical moment a dome came over him.

“Also from this fact (in Xalapa), we have the death of six people, a mother and the minors. Like on March 21, another minor was killed. In the place where there are six, they are all family, the mother and the children. At the beginning they had other data because they were in search, and with the canine team that the Secretary of Public Security has, the last one was located. And there is a minor at another point, ”García listed.

One of the victims, a seven-year-old girl, died yesterday morning in Xalapa due to a landslide caused by the meteor that collapsed her house in the 21 de Marzo neighborhood.

Personnel from the Rescue Squad, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), Municipal Civil Protection and the Road Police went to the place, who removed the earth and removed the body of the minor.

At a press conference, Cuitláhuac García clarified that the state of emergency in the entity has not ended and reiterated the call for the population to take shelter in high areas.

“The state of emergency has not passed. We once again insist that people look for the high areas and move their belongings to sheltered areas so that they do not have major effects, because the runoff will continue during the day and around 5:00 in the afternoon they will be occurring with greater intensity. ”He urged.

The president pointed out that 8,945 elements have been deployed, including Civil Protection personnel, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and the Navy. He also said that there are 358 temporary shelters.

He warned that the greatest damage is already being seen in the municipalities of Tecolutla and Poza Rica.

He indicated that 330 thousand houses were without electricity, but that service is already being restored. However, he affirmed that there are isolated areas in the northern highlands of the state.

He added that the emergency declaration has been extended to three other municipalities, including Xalapa, apart from the 22 that already had it and that the damage is expected to be assessed.

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