8 electric bikes at bargain prices for Black Friday: it’s time to get started!

We’ve scoured the Black Friday offers to find you the best electric bikes (VAE) on sale. It was not won, but we still unearthed excellent offers – especially on the Cowboy and Pure Electric side. It really is the perfect time to gear up.

The prices of electric bikes have been increasing in recent months. The crisis in logistics and raw materials may explain this mechanics (after all, we are mainly talking about metals and electronics), but the manufacturers do not hesitate to be a little greedy in a period of high demand either. In France, the big cities are changing in favor of the bicycle and there is no doubt that it will become the king of transport for active populations in the years to come – whether it is an ecological or economic necessity, or comfort and pleasure.

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For Black Friday, we’ve spotted a few models that are definitely worth checking out. These are electric bikes that we have tested on Vroom and on the Numerama channel, or bikes in which we have full confidence in their technical characteristics and the pedigree of their manufacturer. Either way, these are bikes that are getting really accessible and are still eligible for regional or state bonuses. In short, only bikes that one would normally recommend, at an even better price.

Cowboy 3: €1,190 instead of €2,190

Cowboy 3 // Source: Numerama
Cowboy 3 // Source: Numerama

This is THE big Black Friday electric bike promotion. We tell you all about this Cowboy 3 destocking in this article and, obviously, it’s an excellent deal. Please note that stocks are limited and are going fast.

Pure Electric Flux One: €949 instead of €1,199

We start with a bike that’s easy to defend: it’s one of our favorites of the past year. The Pure Flux One (our test) is as simple as it is pleasant to drive and use, with its very small battery that you recharge like a smartphone every day. For us, Pure Electric has grasped what it takes to have an electric bike under €1,000 that isn’t cheap.

Is it a good price? Like all bikes, the Pure Flux One has increased. It resumes its excellent price for Black Friday. It’s time to crack.

Decathlon Riverside 500 E: €999 instead of €1,299

The Decathlon Riverside 500 E
The Decathlon Riverside 500 E

In the series of electric bikes under €1,000, we are happy to find Decathlon’s flagship model in the gravel category. The Riverside 500 E is roughly the entry-level Riverside (that we love, we even motorized it in a pinch…) with a torque sensor motor and a good battery that can get you between 50 and 90 km. Its suspension fork will allow you to face the cobblestones and sidewalks of cities.

Is it a good price? A dynamic and powerful bike for less than €1,000 is rare, even at Decathlon. There are more planplan city bikes in this price range.

NCM C7: €1,099 instead of €1,399

Copy of BlackFriday_Numerama_Solo (11)

The NCM C7 is a well-known entry-level e-bike in large cities: it is often the preferred choice of e-bike delivery companies. Good value for money with its 50Nm motor and 8 speeds, braked by hydraulic disc brakes and integrated lighting, which makes the NCM C7 truly ready to ride. It will suit those who want a slightly more dynamic city bike than those built around classic low urban frames.

Is it a good price? At just over €1,000, we further improve the good quality/price ratio of this VAE. It is a safe option.

Neomouv Echinops: €1,249 instead of €1,499

The Neomouv Echinops
The Neomouv Echinops

With Neomouv bikes, we just pass the €1,000 mark. This urban bike is a bit too expensive for our taste in normal times, but with 250 € off and eligibility for aid, you get unbeatable value for money. Its large 561 Wh battery is undeniably one of its advantages, because its 250 W motor with 45 Nm of torque is not a lightning bolt: you can therefore count on good autonomy, announced at 100 km. We simply regret the pad brakes on a bike of this kind: we would have preferred disc brakes, even rudimentary.

Is it a good price? Yup.

Trek Verve+ 2: €1,609 instead of €1,809

The Trek Verve 2+
The Trek Verve+ 2

We go a little upmarket with Trek, since the bike is equipped with a beautiful Bosch Performance Line Cruise system, 65 Nm of torque. It’s the kind of bike that relies above all on its engine block and builds its proposal around it: the concessions are made on the style and the battery of only 300 Wh. On the other hand, if you want to ride an e-bike that rockets, you usually don’t find these motors on such inexpensive bikes. And despite its sobriety, it has good equipment with its aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes and 9 speeds. A safe bet.

Is it a good price? The front door on models equipped with Bosch Performance is at high prices. So it’s a good opportunity.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0: €1,999 instead of €2,999

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0
The Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0

Promotions on one of the most expensive manufacturers on the market? It’s always good news. The Turbo Vado SL 4.0 is the little brother of the Turbo Vado SL 5.0 we tested and it’s still a killer. We go to the top of the range, but equipped with a light motorization allowing you to appreciate the fact of cycling while being accompanied. Despite its look, it is therefore a sportier bike than the others selected here, but with really top-of-the-range components, 10 speeds, large hydraulic disc brakes, 130 km of autonomy… in short, a bike that we recommend eyes closed to combine sport and pleasure.

Is it a good price? Specialized on sale, these are bargains. If your VAE budget was right under €2,000, you have an excellent candidate.

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Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625: €2,999 instead of €3,165

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625
Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625

We finish this selection with a model that remains expensive, but which takes up the philosophy of Specialized: having an electric Cube at less than 3,000 € is not often and therefore it is a matter we want to talk to you about. We’re going here with Bosch’s most powerful engine (Performance CX), a huge 625 Wh battery, an 11-speed Shimano kit and hydraulic disc brakes… in short, an overpowered and well-equipped electric mountain bike, which will take you as well legs in nature than in town.

Is it a good price? Electric mountain bikes are always overpriced. Fans watch for these modest drops all year round: it’s a good opportunity!

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