8 tips for tweens to focus on other activities and get off their cell phone

In an environment as digital as the one we live in today, it is difficult to start the morning without having to use a mobile phone. You don’t need to see screen time to know that usage has increased in the last year. Now you have a reason to put down your phone and close your laptop. Going for a walk, exercising, or just sitting in the park can do wonders for your mood and mental health.

The same is true for tweens. Unfortunately, her hours spent on electronic devices were increased by the online classes, causing more mental fatigue. Studies have linked excessive use of screen time with higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Try the following ideas that Fitbit shares with you to make your pre-teen or teen want to go out.

  • Give them alternatives. Invest in toys or equipment that they are interested in using outdoors. Consider: bicycles, scooters, jumpers, trampolines, slacklines, a basketball hoop or a dog. All of these elements also provide an opportunity for children to learn a new skill and improve it.
  • Start a project they can help with. Choose something that they can use or own based on your child’s interest, perhaps building a chicken coop, starting a vegetable garden or flower garden, or creating a bird feeder.
  • Recruit other parents. Parents of your kid’s friends may worry about their teen’s screen time. Give them a call and brainstorm exciting group activities your kids will enjoy together.
  • Invite them to join you. The key here is “invite”, do not force them to do this. But casually mention that they are going to picnic, hike, jog or try kayaking or whatever and ask if they’d like to join you. They could just say yes.
  • Start a challenge. Start a group to walk, bike, run, or hike with other parents and children. Then, choose a goal to work together, such as a 5K or a challenging trail, they can use their Fitbit devices to measure the time they walk together and especially through the application to see all the benefits they obtained for their health with that exercise.
  • Make the connection. Children and adults sometimes do not have access to information about their own feelings. Acknowledging that it feels good to be outdoors can be helpful in connecting the feeling and helping them want to be more outdoors in the future.

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