84% of presidential candidates have graduate degrees

In an analysis exercise on the level of education of the current candidates for the presidency by Caracol Radio, it was evidenced that only 7 of the 44 candidates for the presidential race in 2022 have not completed a post-undergraduate study. However, only 4 of them have completed a doctorate.


Alejandro Gaviria, Gustavo Petro, Juan Carlos Echeverry and Sergio Fajardo.

master’s degree

Óscar Iván Zuluaga, David Barguil, Juan Manuel Galán, Rodrigo Lara Restrepo and Roy Barreras


Enrique Peñalosa and Rodolfo Hernández.

high school

Francia Márquez, who is known to have started a career in law, and John Hitler Delgado Salazar.

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For the director of postgraduate programs in politics at the Javeriana University and political analyst, Patricia Muñoz Yi, despite the fact that there should not and there is no rule that requires candidates to have some level of study, they should have certain capacities that allow them better manage the country and perform better in his position: “It should not be an obligation, but a question of ethics.”

The requirements to be president in the country are: be Colombian by birth, a citizen in office and over thirty years of age.

For Muñoz, the fact that 16% of the candidates have not passed a higher degree than undergraduate may be due to the large number of candidates who are currently running for the presidency by 2022.

infographic / Snail Radio

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