"A basket of crabs" : Ugo (Koh-Lanta) talks about his reunion with the adventurers

He did it ! After five victories in Arena, the impressive Ugo has obtained the right to re-enter the official adventure of Koh-Lanta, The Legend, from next Tuesday on TF1.

The quiet force. Eliminated during the first council of Koh-Lanta, The Legend, Ugo had chosen to go to The island of the banished to obtain one of the two tickets allowing him to re-enter the adventure during the Reunification of this anniversary All-Stars. And it is now done after his new victory in The Arena, against Clémentine this Tuesday. With the ambassadors (Phil and Laurent Maistret), he will therefore join the reunified tribe next week, alongside Clémence Castel. The adventurer returns for TV-Leisure on its first part of the season as eventful as it is impressive.

“It was kind of the worst scenario I had imagined”

Télé-Loisirs: Were you frustrated to miss the first part of the adventure?

Ugo: Yes, a little bit necessarily. Because we know we did not come for that at the base. We came to play as a team and experience a collective adventure. And we find ourselves alone on an island. So frustrated to have missed a little this collective side and the emblematic events that have taken place. And on the other hand, not at all because I’m going through something sick! Fifteen days almost alone on an island … I had left to experience something different. And there, clearly, it had nothing to do with a classic Koh-Lanta. So I am very happy and proud to have experienced this.

What was your state of mind after your elimination during the first council?

At that point, I don’t particularly blame anyone. There is Phil’s decision which I did not understand because he told me he was not going to vote against me. And it turns out that he voted against me … So that’s the disappointment. Otherwise I know he’s an All-Stars and therefore the competition is tough. And that the slightest pretext for dating someone is good … My name came out in the discussions. it was delicate and complicated for me as a former winner. It was kind of the worst-case scenario I had imagined: disembarking and then being eliminated first. But we have a reason, then comes the moment when we have a second chance.

Where did you find the strength to survive on The island of the banished for nearly a fortnight?

Already there are a few people joining you, so it feels good. And then, we change adventurer every three days. I drew my strength from others because I was never really alone. Seeing other other adventurers disembark somewhat revived survival because we were going in circles on this little piece of pebble. It was very complicated. There we could talk about everyday life because there was no longer any strategy. We were in the exchange, even if we knew we were going to confront each other. We tried to unite our forces as much as possible so as not to falter.

“I get a lot of messages”

Which adventurer scared you the most on this banished island ?

A little all. But Clémentine is super strong … I had a great time with her. He’s a really great person. We really laughed, we have a lot in common. A great discovery. But I knew on the other hand that she would not let go: it was not “Clem the rage” most “Clem the machine” ! (laughs) . She was closely behind me so I was a little suspicious of the events.

Have your five consecutive wins put extra pressure on you?

I often struggle with the fear of not being successful. So I went there slowly, step by step. I’m very bad if I put the pressure on myself. I wanted to give the best of myself and give my all 200% in the events. And it worked.

Are you aware of the public’s admiration on social media?

I’m not very social media, I’m taking it easy. But yes, I get a lot of messages and it’s really nice. It’s something that touches me cause I wasn’t going to Koh-Lanta for that (The island of the banished, editor’s note). So the fact that this atypical journey touches people is very pleasant. Saying that we fought and that there is a little recognition, obviously, it’s always nice.

“I’m not sure which way to dance”

How do you see the rest of the adventure, you, the quiet strength, facing the strategists and adventurers united for two weeks?

It’s scary because with all those who were eliminated, we called it “basket of crabs“returning to Koh-Lanta. Everyone who was eliminated and joined us told us about the strategies. When we are outside, we are almost dumped and we no longer understand anything. I was told about girls’ alliances but I could see that there weren’t any. So finding myself in there when I was weak after a fortnight on The Island of the Banished sucking stones … I was very apprehensive. But I am someone who knows how to adapt. And I know where I come from … I am able to not let go, even weakened.

What are you going to change by returning to the adventure?

I’m not sure where to start in terms of strategy. The guys have already voted against me and I was the first out. Am I going to look on the side of the guys or is it more interesting to ally myself with a Clémence who comes home with me? It’s a bit complicated to imagine. I’ll be myself and we’ll see what happens. I go with the idea of ​​playing my card to the max. This year, all adventurers accept the idea of ​​strategy.

Your victories on The islands of the banished will they give you another status? Are you going to be feared more?

Yes a bit. I already feared that with my status as a former winner (Koh-Lanta: Malaysia, 2012). And I got out very quickly! So when they go to see my face land after two weeks, thinking that I have already returned to France, they will hallucinate. I have a little apprehension. But it’s also a way of telling them that if they threw me out the back door, I came back through the window. I’m not letting go and I hope the merit will be recognized a bit.

“I don’t know what’s going on in this basket of crabs”

Did any of the eliminated adventurers give you advice on who to trust and who not?

Not really. In fact, the opinion of the people who come out is always the point of view of a person who is out on the board. So inevitably when arriving on The island of the banished, everyone is a little pissed off! (laughs) I prefer to make my own opinion because I cannot base myself on what they tell me. The only advice that everyone gave me was rather a wink, telling me not to let go. I became the dean of The island of the banished.

What role do you think you will play with Clémence Castel alongside the two Ambassadors Phil and Laurent Maistret?

A role of observer! (laughs) I left the game a fortnight ago, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. I will adapt and say what I have to say. But I don’t know what’s going on in this ‘crab basket’ that I imagine from the outside. I was all alone on an island. I will listen to people to explain their point of view to me. Then I will decide, and it will be my own decision.

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