A battery of neighborhood complaints in the La Hermosura neighborhood

the neighbors complain about the state of the square, with different shortcomings / whatsapp

Fallen poles, impassable streets and large areas of the square taken over by the cardinals are some of the problems denounced by the residents of Barrio La Hermosura, located to the southeast of the City.

Through a note the neighbors consigned that “the municipal state is not capable of responding even to situations of imminent risk and danger for the little ones.” Is that, according to what they said, 10 days ago two light poles fell in the square, in the sector of streets 641 and 131. As a result, half of the space was left without service and cables were left hanging, and that there are also other rotten about to fall in the square, a place of high circulation of girls and boys. From Edelap it was reported that yesterday the problem was solved with the replacement of the post.

“When the poles fell, we notified the Civil Defense and the Community Delegation. That same day they came, cut the cables that ran through the hammocks and left everything surrounded with danger tape, ”he explained.

The people in the area were “waiting for Edelap to finish the arrangements related to electricity,” they pointed out in the neighborhood, where they also said that “no one returned to the area.”

“As a consequence, there is no water in the square because it depends on an electric pump, there is no light in the multipurpose room, the cable of the free Wi-Fi service that many young people use to do their homework was cut, because they do not have internet in their homes, we cannot open the library, nor do the workshops”, he added.

However, what is most worrying is that all the people who pass through that place are at permanent risk of a pole falling or a cable being cut.

It was recalled that at the beginning of last March there was also a neighborhood mobilization to request improvements.

The state of the streets and the lack of lighting in the main access area are of concern

“At that time, the Municipality called us and proposed to hold fortnightly workshops to respond to the various problems raised,” it was indicated. But they only had a work table after 15 days and, they said, no authority with the capacity to make decisions participated.

“The times that we wanted to communicate in order to advance in the commitments that they assumed, they did not respond or they omitted the claims,” ​​said María Eugenia, a resident of La Hermosura.

In La Hermosura the neighbors denounced the dangers that exist in the square

It was highlighted that there are some municipal workers with whom it was possible to maintain a dialogue and they tried to respond to concerns, but with very limited resources.

“Our area is semi-rural, thistles grow throughout the square if there is no maintenance and the children get hurt,” they added.

Pablo, another resident of the neighborhood, stated that in March the lighting of the collector street was requested. “It’s a danger, you don’t see a person walking at night, it’s a wolf’s mouth, and the route is 10 meters away, there are no signs indicating it,” he said.

A couple of lights were reported to have been fixed, but now more are broken.

“For us it is essential to report with concern the little or no technical/professional knowledge that those who approach, in extreme situations, have to want to solve the problems we have”, it was commented.


The state of the streets is another claim factor. People described that “they don’t give more” and that, although they were told that they would leave the machines working until the entire neighborhood was passable, only 20 percent progress was made.

“Not to mention those that never touched each other, they are much worse than back then. And now the rainy season begins”, lamented the neighbors.

It was anticipated that next Saturday they wanted to celebrate Spring Day, but they will not be able to do so because there are downed power poles next to the games. “It is really distressing to have to phone dozens of times for them to come and do what is appropriate,” said a neighbor.

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