A beluga appeared in the Seine River near Paris: they try to rescue her and guide her back to the sea

A beluga It was sighted in the Seine river, in France, very far from its natural habitat. Currently, she is near Paris, and rescue teams are trying to devise a method to keep her alive and guide her back to the sea.

According to the Prefecture of the department of Eure, The animal is currently located between the dams of the cities of Pose and Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne, about 70 kilometers north of the French capital.. However, the tasks to take to the beluga back to the English Channel, where the Seine empties, are not easy at all.

On the right: the two points between which the beluga is found.

Gerard Mauger, from the Cotentin Cetacean Study Group (one of the organizations participating in the rescue), pointed out that the beluga he spent “very little time on the surface”. This is, on the one hand, positive, because it means that he would maintain a good lung capacity. Secondly, the fact that so much time is spent below the surface makes it difficult to track and guide.

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