A book fair and phone poems mark World Poetry Day

A book fair and phone poems mark World Poetry Day

Nothe Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon, from 6.30 pm, poetry is celebrated in different languages, from Farsi to Arabic, including Portuguese.

The session includes poems, music and conversations, namely one on poetry and Sufism with Fabrizio Boscaglia, professor of Portuguese Culture and Islamic Spirituality at Lusófona University.

This is an initiative within the scope of the exhibition “The Power of the Word IV. Divine Wisdom: The Path of the Sufis”, a proposal by the curator of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Jessica Hallet, with the collaboration of Fabrizio Boscaglia, consultant at King’s College, London.

The session features the participation of Iranian cultural mediator Omid Bahrami, actress Teresa Coutinho, Palestinian researcher of feminist studies Shahd Wadi and Portuguese writer and poet Isaac Jaló, who will read Persian, Arabic and Portuguese poems by, among others, Rumi , Ibn Arabi, Rabia, Khayyam, Fernando Pessoa, Maria Gabriela Llansol and Sophia de Mello Breyner.

The session will be accompanied by guitarist and composer José Peixoto.

At Casa dos Bicos, headquarters of the José Saramago Foundation, also in Lisbon, poems will be offered throughout the day and, starting at 6.30 pm, writer Fernando JB Martinho will speak about the poetry of the Nobel Prize in Literature, in connection with the recent launch of his “Complete Poetry”.

The Center for Slavic Languages ​​and Cultures of the Faculty of Letters (FLL) of the University of Lisbon and the Portuguese Association of Writers celebrate the day, on Tuesday and Wednesday, in room B112C of the FLL, at 4 pm.

In these two days, there are poetry readings, music and reflections with poets, students, teachers “and everyone who wants to participate”, says a statement from the University.

The motto is “In the look of the owl”, understanding the owl “as a symbol of wisdom and FLL”.

The municipality of Oeiras, on the outskirts of Lisbon, is promoting the IV Poetry Marathon, between 1 pm and 12 am on Tuesday, in the historic center of the town, with recitation of poems, mini-talks, music and dance. This marathon includes, among others, the Verney Bookstore-Gallery, the Oerária Oeirense Library and the Luchapa-Associação Cultural-Chá da Barra.

In Palmela, district of Setúbal, the Public Libraries Network of the Municipality promotes the initiative “Uma Ligação, Uma Poesia”, this year, in homage to the poet Eugénio de Andrade (1923-2005), author of “As Mãos e os Frutos” .

Between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, anyone who registers through the contacts 212336632 or by ’email’ from the municipal library will receive a poem, read through a telephone call.

In Setúbal, the birthplace of Bocage (1765-1805), the Teatro de Animação de Setúbal presents, at 9.30 pm, at Teatro de Bolso, “Poetria – Poema Concerto”.

In Porto, among other initiatives, there are celebrations at the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Porto (ICBAS-UP). As part of the curricular plan of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Medicine at ICBAS, poetry classes are held by the doctor and poet João Luís Barreto Guimarães, distinguished last year with the Pessoa Prize.

According to the University of Porto, the objective is “to promote the interest of students in this area”. There will also be an “informal conversation” between João Luís Barreto Guimarães and the poet Minês Castanheira, which will be followed by the ‘literary performance’ “Trees and other species of verse”.

In Matosinhos, on the outskirts of Porto, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Florbela Espanca (1894-1930), author of “Livro de Soror Saudade”, is evoked.

The INATEL Foundation presents “Poesia em Florbela”, “in a tribute to the writer, in the city of Matosinhos, one of the stages of (her) life and work”. A show that “touches various artistic dimensions from theater to dance, from music to the visual arts, on a journey through the facets of the work” by the writer.

On Tuesdays, at 6 pm, at the Florbela Espanca Municipal Library, there will be an “informal conversation” about her life and work, moderated by Tito Couto, author of a biography of Carmen Miranda and of the book “Algo Estranho Happens”, with the participation of Cláudia Pazos-Alonso, Matteo Pupillo and Eliana Barros.

On Wednesday, at Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino Nery, at 21:00, as part of the tribute show to Florbela Espanca, there will be a reading of the “Manifesto pela Poesia”, by writer Isabel Rio Novo, by poet and reciter Alice Neto de Sousa .

The show is artistically directed by Rui Sérgio and interpreted by Marcantonio Del Carlo, Iolanda Laranjeiro, Alice Neto de Sousa, Jorge da Rocha, Rui Oliveira, Luísa Pinto, Cristina Bacelar and Ana Isabel Castro.

The Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon, marks World Poetry Day on Saturday, with a day dedicated to Eugénio de Andrade.

It includes a reading marathon, moderated by actor André Gago, a conversation between professor Federico Bertolazzi and critic José Mário Silva, and the screening of a documentary by Jorge Campos dedicated to the poet, among other actions around the writer’s work.

Casa da América Latina, also in Lisbon, celebrates the date on the afternoon of Sunday, March 26, with the Festa da Poesia. The book “Suspended Vocation” by Lauren Mendineuta will be presented by António Carlos Cortez.

There will be a reading of poems by Virginia Moreno (Venezuela), Carolina Bustos Beltran (Colombia) and Rodolfo Häsler (Cuba) and “free reading” with the poets Julia Wong (Peru), Ozias Filho, Ronaldo Cagiano and Maurício Vieira (Brazil), and Lauren Mendinueta (Colombia).

There is also a musical show by Cristina Clara, “inspired by the essay ‘Feminine Expression of Poetry in America’, by Cecília Meirelles”.

Casa Fernando Pessoa, in Lisbon, promotes a Poetry Book Fair from Tuesday to next Sunday.

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