A daughter of Juan Chemes assured that she murdered her father because he raped her

Sunday June 19, 2022 | 3:30 a.m.

“I am Chemes Miracles. I plead guilty for the murder of my father Juan Chemes, he was a very aggressive person, on several occasions he abused me, he groped me. That happened when he was 14 years old, I told my mom and he never listened to me. For that reason that day I made the decision to end him.”

Thus begins the letter written in her own handwriting by Milagros Chemes (21), detained since May 24 as a suspect in the murder of her own father, Juan Ángel Chemes (73), a fact for which Julio Alberto De is also charged. Jesús Chemes (32), another son of the victim.

Not a hint of regret, quite the opposite: the satisfaction shown from the first to the last paragraph.

“I killed him because he deserved (…) I finally feel at peace and safe,” reads the letter in which he confessed to the murder perpetrated on March 18 on the outskirts of Oberá, at a time when his father was on his way to to work.

The Territory exclusively accessed a copy of the letter that consists of two pages in which the young woman assured that her mother knew of the alleged abuses, although she never reported them.

And just as she was pleased to kill her father, she also acknowledged that she feels guilt for her brother “unfairly” detained, as she described.

In the letter, he provided details of the mechanics of the homicide, specifying that he used a stone and a machete; he claimed that he then dragged the body and then disposed of the victim’s belongings.

In the end, he sentenced: “I feel much calmer after doing this.”

Before consulting this newspaper, another daughter of the victim acknowledged: “We suspected that he could come out with that to confuse, but we do not believe him. We are 15 children and only she accuses my father. Besides, he is no longer here to defend himself.”

the written confession
The letter signed by Milagros Chemas was incorporated into the file being processed before the Investigating Court One of Oberá.

It is transcribed below in full: “I am Chemes Milagros. I plead guilty for the murder of my father Juan Chemes, he was a very aggressive person, on several occasions he abused me, he groped me. That happened when he was 14 years old, I told my mom and he never listened to me. For that reason that day I made the decision to end him.”

“The truth is that my mom knew everything. That week I checked the hours he went to work, it just happened and I finished with him. It was the right day because she was tired of so much abuse, aggression, etc. On December 2, she tried to cut off my head with a machete. From that day on, I made the decision to put an end to all this.”

“I feel calm because I know that he will no longer abuse me and that it will not happen. I finally feel peaceful and safe. I can say that I feel bad for this time that my brother was unjustly imprisoned because of me. But he made it clear, my whole family knew about this. I killed him because he deserved it”.

“I also made it clear that my mom wanted me to do it because he was cheating on her, and well, even though she didn’t listen to me when I told her that he was abusing me. Well, it was her fault too, everything has a beginning and an end.”

“The things in his bag I burned and the ones I couldn’t burn I disappeared, and I’m not going to say where they are. I know that he had a lot of woman’s things in his bag, a flashlight, tools and bags and unimportant papers. Things from his pockets like keys I threw into the bathroom pit.”

“I killed him with a blow from a helmet and a machete blow to the neck and then I dragged him to the field and left him there and took the trouble to cover all the blood with dirt. I feel much calmer after doing this. Chemes Miracles”.

The suspicions
From the beginning, her own mother and several brothers distrusted the now two detainees, but the police investigation did not allow the girl to be involved. It took a little over two months for the suspicions of the closest environment to be confirmed from the confession of the person involved.

The young woman is housed in the Second Section of Oberá, has the services of an official defender and has so far refrained from testifying.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the case indicated that the psychological evaluation is still pending to determine if he understands the criminality of his actions.

Juan Ángel Chemes was murdered on March 18 when he was on his way to work at the Jardín de los Pájaros in Oberá.

According to the file, around 5:15 the victim left his house and a few meters away he was surprised by the murderer or murderers. It is presumed that he was approached from behind and then was dragged about 50 meters into a weedy area, where hours later his body was found, almost with his throat cut.

His son Juan Alberto De Jesús was accused by his own relatives based on the constant discussions he had with his father, whom he even threatened to kill.

At first, the suspect had the assistance of an official defense attorney and refrained from testifying, but later he required the services of a private lawyer and asked to tell his version, which he did on May 10.

He assured that the day of his father’s murder he got up at 6 and at 7 he took the bus that took him to the center of Oberá. He denied having perpetrated the act.

The son denied everything
He indicated that around 7:15 he arrived at his destination, near the National College. He talked to the boss, who then went out to get his pay for the week he worked.

He also mentioned that he saw and spoke with the son and wife of the contractor, as well as with a salesman from the former bus terminal.

Around noon he did some shopping in a downtown supermarket and returned home, where he saw the police cell phones and was arrested.

Although he was concerned to mention that several people saw him in the center that morning, the truth is that the event they impute to him happened at dawn, before 7 when he took the bus.

When asked about it, he acknowledged that he had problems with his father and that they had not spoken for several months. He argued that the problems were due to “gossip” by the brothers.

Regarding the previous complaint for death threats against his father with a machete, he argued that the day of that event he returned from looking for fertilizer from the mountain for his wife’s plants. He was carrying a machete and a shovel.

“My mother was crying and told me ‘Look, your sisters are fighting,’ and the one with the machete was Angela,” she said.

At the end of the investigation, they asked him if he could explain why his own mother and brothers accuse him, to which he answered briefly: “If I tell you, I’m lying, I have no idea.”

The accused’s concubine and a minor brother-in-law who was delayed, but was later released, although he continues to be linked to the file and therefore cannot leave Oberá, also appear as suspects in the file.

the worst ending

From the beginning, the investigators of the murder of Juan Ángel Chemes considered the hypothesis of the participation of more people, both in the act itself and in its planning.

Nor is the fact that his now detained children resided in the same farm as their father and were aware of his movements. Both had a bad relationship with the victim because of the way they raised their own children, according to other relatives.

The autopsy specified that Chemes died as a result of a deep cut wound to the neck, which led to hypovolemic shock, that is, serious hemorrhage. He also had bruises and abrasions on different parts of the body, which marks the cruelty of the or the aggressors. Beyond the previous problems with his children, it is not cheeky that the motive was robbery since at the time of the incident the victim had around 70 thousand pesos in cash, according to his wife. Some of the money was earmarked for a loan to a friend and the rest was to pay a bill.

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