A day after the fire in the quarry they continued to control small outbreaks

One day after the fire broke out that consumed the grasslands of the quarry at 520 and 25 and affected adjoining properties, including La Plata Fútbol Club located opposite, smoke and some flames remained part of the landscape, and forcing municipal personnel to closely monitor the evolution to avoid new intense outbreaks.

Meanwhile, a photographic tour of 0221.com.ar around the place was an eloquent example of the scope and spread of the flames. And they explain the nervousness and tension that the incident caused in the neighborhood, where the neighbors decided to go out with buckets to help the six firefighters who worked on the scene.

As reported from the Municipality, specifically on the quarry of 31 and 517 there continued to be a focus during the day on Friday. However, it was indicated that they did not have a risk of spreading. “Most of the points that are still lit are branches, rubber, garbage that continues to emanate fire,” they explained to 0221.com.ar.

And that is why they clarified that it is very possible that the smoke will continue to be present in the area for several more hours. Meanwhile, the level of damage and the percentage of the quarries that were affected by the flames are evaluated.

As that portal reported on Thursday, the town of Hernández was shaken by a voracious fire that broke out in the quarry located at 25 between 514 and 520 and that, because of the wind, it extended to the bordering property, which is crossing the avenue. The fire started after the 16 and continued active until late at night, when the firefighters managed to confine it to the zone of 29 and 517, after arduous hours of work.

The rapid spread, added to the effect of the lack of water in pruning remains and grasslands, generated a cocktail that complicated the work of the firefighters, who in some sectors worked side by side with the neighbors who came running with buckets.

The same factors that seem to have been the cause of the accident in the cellar are those that have been registered in different areas of the country and that place La Plata as a risk area in this area.

The region has already witnessed major forest fires in recent days, one of which consumed a large area of ​​the Estancia Chica property. Other sectors that suffered the same fate during the last hours were the towns of Olmos, Melchior Romero Y The Furnaces, in addition to some outbreaks unleashed on the side of Route 2.

In the case of the quarry, it had the particularity of affecting a sector close to more urban areas. The dense column of smoke could be seen from different parts of the city and was captured by # ElDroneDe0221 at the scene, where the residents took to the streets alarmed by what was happening.

The flames mainly affected the property on street 514 to 517 from 25 to 23. And it crossed part of the adjoining quarry from 514 to 517 from 27 to 29, where the soccer field is located. La Plata Football Club.

Six fire crews from the Province worked at the site, along with the Civil Defense, SAME, and Municipal Citizen Control teams. While it was necessary to cut vehicular circulation on avenues 25 and 31 at the height of 511 and 520.

In this context of fires in different areas, the Government declared the igneous emergency throughout the country for a year, since they constitute a “worrying phenomenon” aggravated by the heat wave, drought and strong winds.

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