A day like today, but 31 years ago Mirko Jozic arrived in Colo Colo

Talk about Mirko Jozic is to speak of a legend for the people of Colo Colo. The Croatian is the most remembered coach in the club’s history, as he was the architect of the conquest of the Copa Libertadores de América in 1991 and in addition, two more international titles were won: Recopa and Copa Interamericana.

For this reason, their emotional bond will always be linked to our country and this was made known by her daughter Lana, who in a publication on her Instagram account, recalled that on a day like today, but 31 years ago they arrived in Santiago to assume the bench of the Eternal Champion.

31 years have passed since this man stepped on the most beautiful land and took over as technical director of the largest club Colo Colo“Lana began recalling in her post.

“History began and it marked our lives in the most divine way. Thanks to its Chilean and Colocolino people, today my heart carries only one country inside. I am Chilean and I am colocolina to death“added the daughter of the coach who made us touch the glory in 1991.

It is worth mentioning that on his arrival in the country, Mirko Jozic said that Colo Colo was going to win the Copa Libertadores and all the journalists who went to receive him at the airport, looked at him in amazement, although the DT remembered him in a more particular way.

“When I said that we were going to win the Libertadores, the journalists who were next to me began to laugh,” Jozic told La Tercera newspaper some time ago.

Mirko and a story full of happiness in Colo Colo. (Photo: File)

The clear thing is that his words were true and a year later, Colo Colo was proclaimed champion of America.

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