A degree that deserves to be celebrated

Daniela Hagspiel
©Karin Eberle

At the end of this school year, 10 women from all parts of the country, as well as from neighboring Germany and Switzerland, received their diploma as Evolutionspädagogin® / Learning Advisor for Practical Pedagogy®.

Even if the past year was mixed due to the pandemic, everyone still managed to meet in 9 weekend modules from November 2021 to June 2022, work on themselves, gain new knowledge and then practically deepen what they had learned in self-study.

Evolutionary pedagogy consists of 3 essential learning contents. She deals with exercises from educational kinesiology, brain science and the evolutionary past that we humans carry with us and within us. This results in a gentle and mindful method, which can not only be used in pre-school and school education, but also serves to discover talent and promote it at all ages. It is used to resolve conflicts as well as to deal with specific life problems.

After this training, you have the knowledge and skills to set up and run your own educational consulting practice. It can also be an additional qualification for all pedagogical professional groups (inclusion specialists, educators, teachers, social pedagogues, etc.) as well as in youth and adult work.

For the 10 new evolution educators from Hörbranz, Nüziders, Dornbirn, Götzis, Röthis, Sulz, Fraxern, Hard, Altstätten (CH) and Altusried (D), new doors have opened in their work with people. It was a pleasure for Daniela Hagspiel, head of the training center in Vorarlberg, to accompany her participants through this year.

A new training course is also planned in the Ländle for the coming autumn of 2022 – curious? On the homepage www.lernberatung-pp.net or in a personal conversation with Ms. Hagspiel you are welcome to get more information.

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