A delicious complete dish easy to prepare rich in taste thanks to seasonal vegetables and Sardinian bread

Often and willingly, when we invite someone to dinner, we would like to make a good impression. Sometimes, however, you don’t need fancy foods or hours of preparation. The simplicity, the care and the choice of ingredients are, in fact, the key elements to be able to satisfy every guest. For this reason, today we propose a very basic recipe, but equally impactful. Here is a delicious complete dish easy to prepare full of taste thanks to seasonal vegetables and Sardinian bread. Let’s find out how to prepare a delicious broccoli and carasau pie. In fact, few people know it, but this tasty bread is cholesterol-free and easy to store.

The ingredients needed for about 5 people

  • 1 kilo of broccoli florets;
  • 1 clove of soulless garlic;
  • About 200 g of carasau bread;
  • 250 grams of ricotta, preferably of the vaccine type;
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil;
  • black pepper to taste;
  • whole milk to taste

A delicious complete dish easy to prepare rich in taste thanks to seasonal vegetables and Sardinian bread

First you need to take care of the broccoli. It is therefore necessary to clean them and divide them into florets. Then take a large pot of water and wait for it to boil. When this occurs, dip the florets in boiling water, adding a pinch of salt. Leave to cook for about 7 or 8 minutes. Drain and then chop coarsely with a good kitchen knife. Peel the garlic clove, take a pan and grease it with a drizzle of oil. Brown the garlic until it turns golden. Sauté the vegetables for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, take the cheese and blend it in a blender with a drop of milk until a smooth cream is obtained. Add the salt and black pepper.

Take a baking dish and spread a layer of cream. Then take a sheet of carasau bread, pass it under water and place it on top. Add the broccoli and other cream, and start creating layers until you get a kind of lasagna. Bake at 180 degrees for a quarter of an hour.


This tasty winter dish is perfect for a cheerful evening with friends

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the eating habits and possible intolerances of our readers and for this reason it is recommended to consult your doctor about foods that could cause damage to your health. In any case it is strongly it is recommended to read the warnings given WHO”)

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